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Obama Appears Bi-Polar – Hagel and Brennan

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 8, 2013

Isn’t it strange that one can be the lying, torture advocating leader of a Constitution shredding, drug dealing, government wrecking, child killing murder machine.  But get caught with a girlfriend and you turn into a bad guy!

Two lamestream media items caught my attention lately.

First: The highly vocal complaints about Senator Hagel’s nomination as war department secretary.

The criticism we hear is Chuck is an enemy of Israel.  Hagel’s concern is the influence of (note there is some imperative to put this in quotes as if it is some fantasy) “Israel’s lobby”.  He does not think jumping into yet another war with a relatively powerful country, that has attacked no one, is a good idea.  Nor does he think an Iranian embargo is a good idea.  Indeed Senator Hagel has the chutzpah to actually say he is an American Senator first and his first duty is to uphold the Constitution!

William Kristol, Benjamin Netanyahu and the war party feel his priorities are misplaced.  Israel always comes first, certainly ahead of you or me.  How else to ensure we do Israel’s heavy lifting for them?

Hagel’s concern with the Israel lobby, AIPAC, is indeed a concern.  They have pretty much bought and paid for Congress.  Thanks in no small part to William Kristol whose father was involved in the creation of the current Israel state.  I recall reading Carl Cameron’s now “disappeared” Fox News series on the Israeli art student spies, the twin towers cheering section and what Israel may have known prior to 9/11.  The anonymous quote was “if you want to end your Washington career fast say anything against Israel”.

We are losing half a dozen wars in countries barely out of the stone age.  How are we going to fare against an Iran supposedly on the brink of acquiring the power to destroy the free world?

An Iran that our own National Intelligence Estimates say gave up on nukes 20 years ago.  A minor detail a good war partier ignores.

Embargoes accomplish nothing beyond crippling innocent citizens.  A fifty year embargo has yet to cure Cuba!  The Iraq embargo resulted in the deaths of 500K people, a fare share being children.  But the children’s deaths were worth it according to Ambassador Kirkpatrick.   Bush invaded a beaten powerless Iraq because they dis’d his daddy.  In the war party this is more than acceptable.

Upholding the Constitution is not exactly in vogue.  Touting the Constitution over the state gets one labeled a traitor.  Touting the US over Israel gets one labeled a traitor.  SOP in the war party.

McCain and Graham don’t like Hagel.  That gets him my vote.

Second: The deafening silence over the nomination of John Brennan as head of the CIA.

This is the same Brennan that was dumped by Obama for the same spot four years ago because of his advocating sundry torture techniques and giving telecom companies that illegally, willingly eavesdropped on their customers, at Bush’s request, a free pass.  Recently he has been caught in various lies about how the Bin Laden (?) assassination went down.  Recently he has been caught lying about civilian drone attack deaths. He lied claiming there were none.

But all that is now OK under President (Bush on steroids) Obama.

Just a good ol’ boy Gettin ‘er Done for the war party.

That Brennan is a lying scumbag makes him a good choice for the CIA or most any other government commissar.  The acclamation process should go smoothly.

Isn’t it strange that one can be the lying, torture advocating leader of a Constitution shredding, drug dealing, government wrecking, child killing murder machine.  But getting caught with a girlfriend turns one into a bad guy!

I can only hope that Brennan’s personal morals are up to his public morals and he is as dumb about it as Petraeus.

Be seeing you



3 Responses to “Obama Appears Bi-Polar – Hagel and Brennan”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    That great Republican American Lindsey Graham gets his face on TV everytime he’s defending Israel from real or imagined wrongs. He is an American, isn’t he?

    • I think so but Israel comes first because they are our friend. They do friendly things like continue to build settlements and are anti 2 state solution. Spy on US, sell the info to Russia, then pressure lapdog congressmen to let scum like Jonathan Pollard go free. Apartheid is the latest craze. If you are merely a Russian Jew, a Christian, an Arab or just a black living in Israel..forgetaboutit. With Lindsay Graham and friends like that…

  2. Mike Rowley said

    It would seem that their is a little more going on with Sen, Graham. We have an idea what that is, but does the public in general? I’m quite sure that if the Zionist shill did’nt do as told, the stories and accusers, and photos would be sent to the press.

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