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Milk Price Supports Don’t Have a Leg to Stand On

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 31, 2012

Red Alert! The farm bill is in limbo. Milk prices may go to $8 per gallon. If big brother doesn’t continue to subsidize milk producers they may actually have to charge a realistic price. This will of course reduce sales as the public is used to paying what they think is a good price.

What they THINK is a good price because if you add in the taxpayer supported subsidy plus the cost of storing excess dairy product the government buys from farmers, milk I believe is a really expensive item.

Didn’t I read where Domino’s and Pizza Hut’s stuffs crusts with cheese due to a government (taxpayer subsidized) program  to use up excess cheese? Yes, the government is running out of space to store all the cheese it buys from farmers.

Here is a novel thought for you farmers out there. Produce something that is in demand and lets you make an honest buck. Try corn or grains in the short run. The government’s ethanol/biofuels program has been a disaster for the world food grain supply. Sales should be brisk. Whatever you do, get government out of the picture.

Government farm support distorts basic price and demand, making food more expensive.

Progressivism at its best.

Ron Paul would have put a lid this crap in a New York minute. Would have.

Be seeing you.


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