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Killer Goverment-Gun Control, Why All The Fuss?

Posted by M. C. on January 24, 2013

Is willngness to shoot citizens now the criteria for military promotion? Read This.   Then you may consider doing what I now do. 

When you meet a service person, compliment their work then ask:

When you are told to go house to house to confiscate guns or round up agitators for transport to FEMA “re-education” camps – What will you do?

Be seeing you

2 Responses to “Killer Goverment-Gun Control, Why All The Fuss?”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Around 30% of American army is south of the border beaner trash. Serving with a green card, obtaining citizenship after completion of enlistment.I think it’s pretty clear what they would say if they understood the question. Lets face it, most of the Anglo enlistees are losers who had no options but serving the Empire as a hired gun. Most seem to come back to America psychos. As for myself, I’ll steer clear of these walking time bombs.

  2. Doug Rowley said

    The anti Second Amendment crowd always contends it means a well regulated militia and not individual rights. I never heard them use this arguement to actually support any type of militia. In fact that version of the Second Amendment was stamped out long before individual rights were attacked. Everyone in the U.S. military takes a pledge to defend the Constitution. I guess that’s subject to “interpretation.”

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