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What Do Eugenics, Environmentalism, Gun Control, Progressives, Jim Crow and The Minimum Wage Have in Common?

Posted by M. C. on January 28, 2013

Gun control was started to keep the black man down.

They are all wrapped up like a pile of baby snakes.

Weapon control has been around for a long time. It was recognized long ago that people control is impossible without it. The art of the empty hand, karate, came about because the Japanese peasant was denied weapons. It made being the emperor’s enforcer much safer and more lucrative. The bow was used to carry water buckets, the nunchako was an ox’s bit and rein. Necessity is the mother. In modern times American Indians were the problem. They impeded progress. A lot of money would have been wasted o food and clothing if they had been provided as promised. An Indian joke says that General Custer advised the Bureau of Indian Affairs to do nothing until he got back and they haven’t. When Indians got uppity about eating and freezing they had to be put in their place fast. No laws or warrants were needed to disarm them. The government just killed them wherever they were found. See On the Border with Crook for graphic examples. No due process was required. The same as Wounded Knee …and Ruby Ridge, Waco and drone attacks. “Legal” gun control, for blacks, began in the post war of session South. The last thing the black man needed was a gun. Washington and the KKK made sure of that wouldn’t happen. It wasn’t spelled out specifically but with a wink and a nod everyone knew gun laws were directed at blacks. The main plank in the progressive platform is the government is the know all and be all. The individual cannot manage by their self. Control is everything. The armed individual is intolerable.

Gun control was started to keep the black man down and more importantly poor.

The 1900’s ushered in the modern progressive era. The Fed, income tax, minimum wages, child labor laws and eugenics. Eugenics didn’t start with Hitler nor the Star Trek movies. It was a popular concept at the time with H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and John Maynard Keynes being advocates. Eugenics historian Diane Paul stated that although eugenics was not new it had to wait for the “rise of the welfare state”. The progressives of this era were concerned about the quality of life. Particularly theirs and WASPS in general. Eugenics is intended to keep down the birth rates of the inferior races and the “feeble minded”. The inferior “low wage” races at that time were considered the Irish, Eastern Europeans, Italians, blacks, Chinese and to some, everyone except the English. These creatures were willing to work for less and for longer hours. Their birth rates were such that it was feared they would take over by numbers alone. Allowing this to go uncontrolled was known as “Race Suicide”. The greatest problem of civilization according to Theodore Roosevelt. The more widespread eugenics methods were Jim Crow laws, (lack of) education and the minimum wage.

A prospective employer wasn’t about to do some poor uneducated slob a favor if it was going to cost more to do it. He was going to get something for his money. The progressives knew what they were doing in the minimum wage law. Royal meeker, Woodrow Wilson’s Commissioner of Labor, advocated a minimum wage as it would keep the “unfit” out of the labor force. Wilson was a prime advocate of Jim Crow. It has the same effect today. Thomas Sowell has written how minimum wage increases drive up the unemployment rate of poorly educated blacks.  See here.

The minimum wage was devised to keep undesirables unemployed.

Other eugenics concepts considered were institutionalization and sterilization of the feeble-minded. One can only imagine what the definition of feeble-mindedness may have been back then. What would Eric Holder would consider feeble-minded enough to preclude gun ownership? The gun owner who feels the need to have a mental health issue addressed may not. Just the act of making an appointment with a mental health specialist for any reason may preclude ownership. But then that is the plan.

Regulation and control are cornerstones of progressivism. Another regulation genre is occupational licensing. Robert Flexner issued the Flexner Report at the behest of Carnegie Foundation. The intent of the paper was to promote regulation of the medical biz. It called for fewer but better trained and government licensed doctors educated at state controlled universities. This enabled the closing of five of seven independent black medical schools and instituted a federally controlled curriculum. The numbers of doctors was kept low, prices kept high. Railroads were a target also. The Railway Labor Act, enacted in the twenties, empowered white railroad unions. The new deal era spawned legislation that relegated black railroad workers to the positions you often see in new deal era movies.

Eugenics is alive and well today in the environmental movement. Environmental gurus Aurelio Peccei of The Club of Rome, David (man is a parasite) Attenborough, Paul and Ann Ehrlich and others advocate population control. Methods range from state enforced birth control and abortion to mass sterilization.  See James Delingpole here.

The early progressive movement was designed to control or eliminate blacks and other “undesirables”. Today it has morphed into include any group that shuns government oppression, a new world order and aspires to freedom. Do you suppose the current progressive intellectuals appreciate the genesis of their philosophy?

The final solution, deja vu all over again. It is the progressive hand on the gas valve. The victim is freedom.

For more background see Leonard “Retrospectives Eugenics and Economics in the Progressive Era”.  Here.

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One Response to “What Do Eugenics, Environmentalism, Gun Control, Progressives, Jim Crow and The Minimum Wage Have in Common?”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    The common thread is disarmament of the public, population reduction to 500,000,000 World Wide, and abject poverty for the survivors. The survivors whose only reason to live will be to serve the Elite blood suckers who rule the planet. The intellectual progressives will have out-lived their usefulness. Their fate has been sealed along with ours.

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