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False Flags in Syria and at DHS

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 30, 2013

What did Obama just say at his inauguration?  The end of war is near!  He told us a whopper.

False Flag

Fort Sumter, The Main in Havana Harbor, Pearl Harbor, Tonkin Gulf, the underwear bomber, all the cobbled up FBI stings.  These are false flags.  Faked attacks to advance a political agenda, expand the empire, to keep the military contractors and oil companies flush with cash.

Two false flags may be in the works.

The DHS is buying thousands of AR15 style rifles for “personal defense”.  The DHS is training the TSA Orks to defend against a big attack.  Attorney Kurt Haskell was aboard the same flight as the underwear bomber.  He claims the bomber had no passport but was escorted onto the flight by a federal agent.  A false flag to facilitate full body porno scanners.  Mr. Haskell thinks the sudden acquisition of arms and ammunition by the DHS may foretell another staged shooting.  Who will be the bad guy?  Another ginned up FBI Moslem stooge?  Maybe a more domestic “enemy”.   Have there already been dry runs in Aurora CO and Sandy Hook?

Supposed hacked emails from Britam, a defense contractor, indicate there may be plans for a Syrian rebel chemical weapon attack.  The chemical weapon shell is “similar to those Assad should have”.  “Approved by Washington” and funded by Qatar.  According to this article rumors of such a false flag attack have been around for a while.  A pal in the military at the time told me the chemical weapons supplied to our (then) friend Saddam Hussein for his battle against Iran had Made in USA and Made in UK on them.  There probably a lot of our leftovers floating around.

What did Obama just say at his inauguration?  The end of war is near!  He told us a whopper.

We are involved in multiple illegal adventures in the Middle East and Africa.  Drone attacks add enemies with each civilian and child killed.  We are involved in Mali.  “Advisers” will remain in Iraq and Afghanistan for an indeterminate period.

War is ratcheting up on those dangerous radicals that refuse to submit.  They are easily recognizable by their Ron Paul bumper stickers.

Obama has more in common with the original peacemaker.  The Colt variety, not Him.

I’ll bet the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is beaming with pride!

Be seeing you


One Response to “False Flags in Syria and at DHS”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    Sept 11 was also a inside job to rally the sheep against the Arab World and acceptence of perpetual war.

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