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NPR Kick Starts Hillary 2016 Campaign

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 1, 2013

If someone can come up with anything positive from the last four years please let me know.

I had another NPR moment on the way to work.  Today is Hillary’s last official day as Secretary of State.  It is definitely reason to celebrate.  Oh my, her popularity is sooo high!

The interviewees, particularly Clinton acolyte Dee Dee Meyers, went on and on about how Hillary had accomplished so much.  Oddly no one mentioned anything specific aside from her being a “veteran”.  I can’t think of anything myself beyond enabling and lining the pockets of kleptocrat Hamid Karzai along with his equally corrupt brother.

The job of a Secretary of State is to solve issues diplomatically.  What has been “solved” in four years?  We are threatening our banker China and Iran militarily.  The cold war with Russia is heating up.  We are at war in Africa as well in several Middle East countries.  If someone can come up with anything positive from the last four years please let me know.  Oh wait!

Hillary did accomplish some things.  She built the largest and most expensive CIA station embassy in the history of the world in a destroyed country that hates US.  Fortunately the embassy is self-contained as no American can venture as death awaits.  Sh re-labeled US troops as embassy security staff.  The administration can say troops have left the country without their actually having done so.  And best of all… She managed to avoid another landing in the middle of a gun battle!

Hillary mentioned repeatedly that she cannot imagine holding office again.  She listed several projects on which she would like to concentrate.  None of which involved holding office.  Hold on! This may be another LSD flashback…but did Hillary say in 2006 or 7 she had no intention of running for president?

Let us ignore honesty issues for the sake of argument.

The NPR reporter then strangely said Hillary had yet to tell us of her plans on running for president. The reporter’s enthusiasm gushed out of the radio.  Can you say Press Secretary?

NPR yearns for Hillary to be the next President.

Commander-in-Chief!  Think about that!

NPR wants her bad.

I expect ZERO fair and balanced reporting between now and Nov 2016 from NPR.

Be seeing you


5 Responses to “NPR Kick Starts Hillary 2016 Campaign”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    You forgot Hillary’s most recent accomplishment, the murder of a U.S. ambassador and other Foreign Service employees. I mean she explained exactly what happened and this will shine a light on future security efforts.

    • She pobably believes the reasons don’t matter. When lying has been such as big a part of life as it is for the Clinton’s-lies are truth, war is peace, down is up-and it all makes sense to them.

      • Doug Rowley said

        As an accomplished a liar that she is, she still can’t hide her insincerity at all. If she had “Liar” tattooed on her forehead it wouldn’t make it any more obvious.

  2. Mike Rowley said

    What she says, does not matter. She has faithfully served her masters, the elite insiders. She has betrayed her nation, her race and culture. This qualifies her for higher office in the eyes of NPR. National Public Radio has devoted it’s self from their inception to undermine our Anglo Saxon Culture. They, like the bloated rodent Hillary, have done their jobs well.

  3. Gene Wallace said

    With these Hillary comments you have now earned the right to use my favorite observation attributed to Lilly Thomlin which I stold a while ago. ” I grow more cynical every day, but it is impossible to keep up”.

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