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Gun Liability Insurance-Under the Radar Registration and Taxation

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 31, 2013

While listening to advocates for gun liability insurance on NPR Morning Edition I noticed a significant point was conveniently ignored.  Just as with gun theft insurance, the liability insurers are going to require serial numbers.  This is poorly disguised (except to NPR editors) de facto gun registration.  The insurance companies, like the phone companies, will fall all over themselves data banking information for Big Sis.  This is another somewhat subtle “under the radar” registration ploy.

Registration:  A milestone on the path to the end of the progressive rainbow.  The pot being filled with chains. 

The administration’s gun control pit-bull, Diane Feinstein, makes it quite clear total annihilation is the final solution.  Subtlety is not her strong suit.

Mandatory insurance is government sanctioned theft by threat of violence, otherwise known as a tax.  The SCOTUS said so.  Until Obama and Hillary (if she gets elected) can completely crush the Second Amendment by law or executive order, they aim to tax it to its knees.

I wonder… will government enabled lead throwers such as the Sinaloa cartel, Islamist rebels, child killing drone pilots, and soon the TSA get liability insurance group discounts?

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