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ROTC and Penn State Indoctrinates War Party Advocate

Posted by M. C. on February 23, 2013

We are very ready for war but not for peace.

The 22 Feb Erie Times guest voice, an ROTC company commander and Penn State history major, attempts to compare the use of militias in the war of 1812 to “lack of readiness” as the cause of our “problems” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Payne could write for the Weekly Standard.

There is much to compare that was not mentioned.

The US defense budget is more than most of the industrialized world combined. Who else has 7 or 8 carrier fleets, ICBMs, spy satellites, the most advanced aircraft, 700+ bases in 170 countries, cameras in soldiers helmets and innumerable varieties of special forces? No one. How on earth can the US not be ready to defeat countries barely out of the stone-age? Yet we continue to get our butts kicked.

Men, women and matériel are not the issue. The people running the show are the problem. Today’s political and military leaders are like 1812’s William Hull. The incompetent Hull lead us to disaster in Canada. Defeated by forces that were half militia.

In 1812, as it is today, empire building was the end game. English territories in the West and the whole of Canada were to be the rewards in 1812. Oil and pipelines to the Caspian were at the end of the rainbow in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Government approval was given for US privateers to run the British blockade of France. Our relations with England were still not good. The US would do anything to give England a hard time. A new war with England was seen as a chance to appropriate the West and Canada for ourselves. Greed, ignorance and really bad planning resulted in more than we bargained for.

The US has overthrown governments, installed despot rulers, spied, stolen, violated holy ground and generally instilled hatred of the US in most of the third world. Greed, ignorance and really bad planning resulted in more than we bargained for.

Not to mention those maimed and killed. Both soldiers and collateral splat.

Like Mark Twain said History doesn’t repeat itself but it does rhyme.

We are very ready for war but not for peace.

2 Responses to “ROTC and Penn State Indoctrinates War Party Advocate”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Most of the third world countries where we have inserted ourselves have a culture of nurturing grudges for generations.

  2. Mike Rowley said

    The American sheeple for generations have been sold a bill of goods about the “goodness” of the United States. Has this nation behaved any differently than the old Soviet Empire? Overthrowing governments, propping up puppet dictators, supporting proxies in faraway civil wars. Murdering foreign leaders that refused to follow Washington’s dictates if the bribes and blackmail failed. The constant spending of blood and treasure in meaningless military actions. Wars that upon close inspection only benefited a select few on Wall Street. An entrenched government parasitic class that has existed to erode Constitutional Rights. Politicians who lie, cheat, and steal, and then promise us the World. Presidents, Senators, and Congressmen who live by the code of not honor but betrayal. Reagan’s Evil Empire did disappear from the chess board, but he failed to mention that other Evil Empire that remains in the game.

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