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Erie Times E-Edition Article-Times-News to transition to digital distribution for Saturdays

Posted by M. C. on January 14, 2022

“Responding to continued rapid shifts toward digital news consumption, the Erie Times-News is announcing a change in print frequency starting March 5.”

Combined with yet another try at making the Erie paper about Erie by presenting fewer national columnists I am guessing this is more a response to falling revenue.


Responding to continued rapid shifts toward digital news consumption, the Erie Times-News is announcing a change in print frequency starting March 5.

The Times-News will cease home delivery on Saturdays and instead will provide subscribers with a full digital replica of the newspaper that day, filled with local news, advertising and features such as comics and puzzles. The new model means subscribers will get newspapers delivered to their home six days a week, with a digital newspaper available every day.

“Our commitment to local news remains steadfast, but the platforms on which people are consuming news continue to evolve. What was once solely a daily newspaper has transformed to include a digital site, mobile app, social media platforms, multimedia and more,”


Continued from Page 1A

executive editor Matt Martin said. “Our print newspapers remain a vital and important part of our strategy, but we are making a change this year in response to subscriber and advertising trends.”

The Saturday digital replica, or e-edition, will have the same look and news as a printed newspaper. The digital format also offer some additional features, such as the ability to clip articles and share them with friends and family, and adjust the text size.

In addition, subscribers of the Times-News will now have access to the USA TODAY Network’s full suite of e-editions from newsgathering organizations across the country, as well as ad-free access to the USA TODAY Crossword puzzle. The Times-News is part of the USA TODAY Network, and the change being announced Wednesday also is taking place at numerous other publications in the network.

All print subscribers of the Times-News have full digital access, meaning they have the ability to read news updates throughout the day and enjoy subscriber- only stories and video features, among other benefits. Subscribers also have 24/7 access to obituaries, legal notices and classifieds on our website,

News and sales staffing at the Times-News will not change as a result of this. However, those staffs will be even better aligned toward digital news delivery.

Delivery times for the other days of the week will remain unchanged.

The Times-News has been part of the Erie community since 1888, when the first edition of the Erie Daily Times was published. Since then the Times-News has continually evolved, including launching the region’s leading news web site,, more than 25 years ago.

“We will continue to strategically evolve our business model, while making decisions that keep our loyal subscribers at the forefront,” Martin said. “Our newspaper is a vital part of the fabric of our community. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to support local news with subscriptions and advertising.”

Anyone with questions about the change can access their account at or call customer service at 800-352-0043.

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Erie Times E-Edition Article-restaurant inspections

Posted by M. C. on January 16, 2021

Subheading in E-Edition “COVID-19 Inspections!!!” OK, I added the scare exclamations.

“Restaurant inspections” are now “COVID Inspections”.

Keeping the fear alive.

Here is a good one: “XXXX XXXXX St., Summit Township. (No state DEP number on gallon containers of spring water.) Tuesday.” No way am I going there!

restaurant inspections

At least once a year, Erie County Department of Health officials inspect all restaurants and stores that sell unpackaged food, and they also inspect these facilities to ensure they follow COVID-19 regulations. Here is a list of inspections recorded Jan. 5-14:

etc, etc , etc…

Be seeing you

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Erie Times E-Edition Article – Pa. positive virus cases above 1,000 again

Posted by M. C. on July 25, 2020

Erie Times-News dutifully regurgitates this every day. Yet as the ET-N knows to ask but never does:

Yes the data is released in a day but what does the data represent? One day last week or a whole months data taken 2 months ago. As the ET-N itself has reported there are issues with knowing when tests were submitted.

As I have told the ET-N, the Erie County Health Department told me they don’t know whether they ever received contaminated CDC COVID test kits. No one else is asking, no one is telling, no one cares.

Quality Assurance seems unimportant.

The positives include anyone exposed to an infected person but not actually tested positive. Do they include positive antibody tests as well?

All we get is a number.

Florida and Texas are having data reliability issues regarding incredibly high positive rate reports, people dying for non-disease reasons, car and motorcycle accidents, and those never having having taken a test getting positive result notices.

Is PA’s QA any better?

It will be years, if ever, before we get the truth.


From wire reports

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania produced another day of more than 1,000 new confirmed coronavirus cases Friday, fueled by positive tests in Philadelphia and the Pittsburgh area as the state fights to tamp down rising case counts.

The Department of Health reported 1,213 additional confirmed virus cases — the most in a single-day report since May — and 22 new deaths. The virus has infected more than 105,000 people in Pennsylvania since the beginning of the pandemic. More than 7,100 have died, most of them in nursing homes.

Of the new positive cases, more than one-third are from Philadelphia and Allegheny County, the department said.

In July, Pennsylvania’s 14-day rate of new cases per 100,000 residents has increased by more than 50%, from below 60 to above 90.

The seven-day positivity rate — based on the Health Department’s daily public disclosures of the number of people who are newly confirmed to be positive and the number of people who tested negative — has gradually increased in July, from about 4.5% to 5.8%.

Deaths have declined from June to July, although hospitalizations are on the rise in July, according to state data.

Also Friday: Quarantine list: Pennsylvania officials have added two new states to a travel advisory that asks anyone coming from one of 20 potential coronavirus hotspots to self-quarantine for 14 days.

Missouri and Wyoming were added to an updated rundown that was released on Friday, July 24. The self-quarantine is not enforceable, and police are not stopping any out-ofstate travelers at borders. Airport questionnaires are not required, either.

“That’s up to each individual to, if you’ve gone to a state that we identify as a state that is of concern, and we keep changing that every week, then, you owe it to yourself, to your family, to your loved ones, to your co-workers, to self-quarantine,” Gov. Tom Wolf said during a news conference on Friday.

“It’s very fluid,” Wolf said.

“It’s really something that we’re doing to try to bring information to folks so that they can make informed decisions on their own. If they don’t care about their family or their co workers; I think a majority of people aren’t there.”

Here is the full list of states from the health department: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.

Show moves: The Pennsylvania National Horse Show will be will be held at the Bob Thomas Equestrian Center in Tampa, Florida. The move stems from the coronavirus pandemic, which has caused the closure of the PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center, where the event has been held since its founding in 1946.

Be seeing you

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Erie Times E-Edition Article- Now no time to falter in COVID fight

Posted by M. C. on May 28, 2020

My thoughts are:

People that talk about such things have been warning the medical community for at least a decade that Wuhan is a coronavirus cesspool and the “big one” is coming. People like Fauci have been bloviating on youtube for 5 or more years about the “big one” coming. The US has $137 million investment in the Wuhan lab at the epicenter of the outbreak. Yet through the grossest of negligence or intent the current situation was allowed to happen.

The Erie Times editorial board has a different point of view. Government is our savior and the problem is you and me.

Now no time to falter in COVID fight

The issue: COVID-19 spreads in Erie County Our view: Safety measures will restore liberty

Neighboring rural Warren and Crawford counties will enter the green phase Friday, their residents free, with safety precautions taken, to visit a salon, dine at a restaurant or take in a movie.

For those looking across the county lines in envy or anger, remember it is not Gov. Tom Wolf, Erie County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper or even the coronavirus itself keeping us in partial lockdown. It is ourselves.

A persistent, vocal minority here chafe against and flout restrictions. In rural Erie County, where the virus is less prevalent, it might be difficult to keep the danger in focus and resolve mustered. Let Wednesday’s front page be a reminder of the work to be done to restore safety and commerce in Erie County.

Headlines detailed the nation’s sobering milestone – 100,000 COVID-19 deaths in about 100 days.

Dahlkemper announced yet another uptick in county cases, 25 since Friday.

Then there was the dangerous indignity visited on Erie police officers performing their duties amid what should be a solemn holiday weekend devoted to honoring fallen heroes. Responding to a complaint about a group drinking and shooting off fireworks early Sunday, police officers wound up in a struggle with a drug suspect who then vomited in a patrol car. At the station, he let it be known he might have COVID-19.

Testing at UPMC Hamot confirmed it.

So now five officers are idled in quarantine, at risk of infection. Three soiled cruisers were taken off the streets, and fatigued Erie County Department of Health contact tracers have more potential cases to track down.

Many here have risen to the demands of this public health emergency. We thank all who have followed safety guidelines and sacrificed their income, freedom and contact with loved ones for the greater good.

Dalhkemper on Tuesday highlighted two businesses enforcing necessary safety measures of sanitation, masks and social distancing, Scotland Yards Greenhouse in Edinboro and the Dairy Queen in Lawrence Park, which has painted ice cream cones on the ground to mark out spaces 6 feet apart.

How long will it be until those straining for freedom realize it is within their power to have it by simply following the rules?

The longer it takes to rein in the spread, the more economic pain we will endure.

Gathering sans masks and safe distances gives the virus the opportunity to leap from host to host until it reaches people like Karen King, of Corry, a 78-year-old COVID-19 patient just released from the hospital. Ron Leonardi chronicled her suffering on Wednesday’s front page.

As Dahlkemper said Tuesday, the virus is not going away anytime soon. The price for our freedom, mercifully, at this moment of national trial is not blood, just a mask, some sanitizer and space.

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Youth Violence-Where The Solution Must Come From

Posted by M. C. on July 27, 2015

This was submitted to the Erie Times for publication about 10 days ago.  I received no acknowledgment.  It must have been the babies’ daddy  comment that turned them off.

From the news article:

A week ago, after a violent Saturday afternoon, Derrys Sanders Jr. became one of the youngest Erie County residents ever to be charged with homicide.

The 14-year-old Erie boy’s first involvement in the legal system came when he was 10 months old.

That was when his mother, Juanita Holloway, agreed to have him tested amid a paternity dispute. His father, Derrys Sanders Sr., asked for the test as a condition of financial support for his son.

People are hand wringing over solutions to the violence problem in Erie. Band-aids have been proposed, some of which have merit such as police walking a beat. But these don’t address the cancer that is made strikingly obvious in Sunday’s Erie Times Derrys Sanders story. Non-existent family. The babies’ daddy who has been contesting support for Derrys and three children by three other women for all Derrys’ life is a familiar sad story.

What happened since the days of my youth when you could throw a shotgun in the trunk to hunt after school and mess we have today. The answer is the Johnson, Carter and Nixon legacies. The war on drugs, the war on poverty and the Department of Education. All three have left a path of destruction through American family life.

PC, feel-good government programs are worse than nothing, they offer false hope and inevitably disappoint. The solution can only come from caring, courageous parents (parentS with an S). Marches are a good start but entire families have to be involved, not just well meaning figureheads. Families must fight to take the initiative, reinvent and reinvigorate themselves, striving for something better. The solution can only come from within.

Be seeing you


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ROTC and Penn State Indoctrinates War Party Advocate

Posted by M. C. on February 23, 2013

We are very ready for war but not for peace.

The 22 Feb Erie Times guest voice, an ROTC company commander and Penn State history major, attempts to compare the use of militias in the war of 1812 to “lack of readiness” as the cause of our “problems” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Mr. Payne could write for the Weekly Standard.

There is much to compare that was not mentioned.

The US defense budget is more than most of the industrialized world combined. Who else has 7 or 8 carrier fleets, ICBMs, spy satellites, the most advanced aircraft, 700+ bases in 170 countries, cameras in soldiers helmets and innumerable varieties of special forces? No one. How on earth can the US not be ready to defeat countries barely out of the stone-age? Yet we continue to get our butts kicked.

Men, women and matériel are not the issue. The people running the show are the problem. Today’s political and military leaders are like 1812’s William Hull. The incompetent Hull lead us to disaster in Canada. Defeated by forces that were half militia. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mr. Lubner was born a Republican (without a spine)

Posted by M. C. on August 2, 2011

Kathleen Parker, in today’s Erie Times News, thinks the Tea Partiers should be banned to the nether regions for weakening the Republican party. Kathleen is right but backwards. The traditional Republcan party is the spineless half bother who, like in a Castle movie, should be kept locked in the attic. Read the rest of this entry »

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