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Boston Marathon Disaster-Take Nothing You Hear at Face Value

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 30, 2013

The marathon bombing film footage and photos posted on the web make it plain that the marathon was loaded with security and probably bomb sniffing dogs. Either:

The effort was proactive or

there was some hint of a plan or

this was another sting operation gone bad.

Either way, there was a massive failure.

The first and foremost task of the “authorities” will be to deflect blame. Hence the recent comments regarding the lack of taggants in the fireworks powder as opposed to why this was permitted to occur in the first place. It must be embarrassing for the mighty para-military security forces to have been trumped by dime store surveillance cameras and a retired person checking his boat.  The FBI had one of the perpetrators in their grasp and let him slip through.  It may have been legitimate to drop surveillance of Tamerlane at the time, but it looks bad.  To have a government agency, especially the FBI, look bad is the original unforgivable sin.

We won’t get any more information than is deemed necessary. The main stream media will be governments’ useful idiot.  No change there.

The internet will be the only place where the truth will out. The perfect venue for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) …to protect us from too many facts.

Don’t accept spoon-fed tripe. We will have to reach far for the truth. It won’t come easily.

Be seeing you.


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