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Why Have a State Defense Force? The Prez doesn’t Like Them So They Must be a good Thing.

Posted by M. C. on June 26, 2013

This is an open letter to PA State Representative Greg Lucas and PA Senator Sean Wiley.  I urge you to introduce a bill creating a Pennsylvania State Defense Force.

All able-bodied persons would be eligible (or required?) to join and must have a suitable firearm at their disposal.

Pennsylvania would join several other states having a state defense force not subject to federal control nor subject to draft into federal service.  These local forces would be rapidly available for natural and man-made disaster aid.  They would provide defence against attack by terrorist or foreign forces in Pennsylvania. Read the rest of this entry »

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Boston Marathon Disaster-Take Nothing You Hear at Face Value

Posted by M. C. on April 30, 2013

The marathon bombing film footage and photos posted on the web make it plain that the marathon was loaded with security and probably bomb sniffing dogs. Either:

The effort was proactive or

there was some hint of a plan or

this was another sting operation gone bad.

Either way, there was a massive failure.

The first and foremost task of the “authorities” will be to deflect blame. Hence the recent comments regarding the lack of taggants in the fireworks powder as opposed to why this was permitted to occur in the first place. It must be embarrassing for the mighty para-military security forces to have been trumped by dime store surveillance cameras and a retired person checking his boat.  The FBI had one of the perpetrators in their grasp and let him slip through.  It may have been legitimate to drop surveillance of Tamerlane at the time, but it looks bad.  To have a government agency, especially the FBI, look bad is the original unforgivable sin.

We won’t get any more information than is deemed necessary. The main stream media will be governments’ useful idiot.  No change there.

The internet will be the only place where the truth will out. The perfect venue for the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) …to protect us from too many facts.

Don’t accept spoon-fed tripe. We will have to reach far for the truth. It won’t come easily.

Be seeing you.

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Our War on Drugs is a Success…For the El Chapos and Your Local DHS Funded Militarized Police

Posted by M. C. on October 24, 2012

From a John Larabell review of Lawrence Vance’s book The War on Drugs is a War on Freedom in The New American

In one of his essays, entitled “Cui Bono?” Vance reveals the true beneficiaries of the U.S. government’s war on drugs: drug cartels, drug dealers, various law enforcement agencies, and even pharmaceutical companies. Demonstrating this, he quotes Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Loera, the head of the Mexican Sinaloa drug cartel:

I couldn’t have gotten so stinking rich without George Bush, George Bush Jr., Ronald Reagan and even El Presidente Obama, none of them have the cojones to stand up to all of the big money that wants to keep this stuff illegal. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say “Gracias Amigos” I owe my whole empire to you. Read the rest of this entry »

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Who Gives Its People a Fair Chance? Afghanistan Does

Posted by M. C. on September 20, 2012

The last two administrations have turned the US into a Bizarro world. Bad is good, war is peace, shredding the Constitution is freedom, censorship is free speech. We have reached a new low, but probably not the bottom. While one of the most backward, corrupt countries is possibly on the way to its old self of a thousand years ago. The Middle East was, in general, the leader in art, science, education and justice when Europe was wallowing in poverty, ignorance and disease. We may be coming full circle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Thank You Ecuador

Posted by M. C. on August 19, 2012

The Julian Assange episode raises a question.  What is in this deal for the UK and Sweden?  Maybe more accurately what do they have to lose by not submitting to the US?  Read the rest of this entry »

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National Weather Service Ammo Buy-Thor’s Hammer is Aimed at YOU. UPDATE DHS is Ordering Even More Ammo!

Posted by M. C. on August 14, 2012

The government is expecting unrest on a huge scale.  It and its bankster buddies have screwed things up so badly even the government knows disaster is fast approaching.  The recent revelation that the government has instructed the big banks to form a survival plan for when the cards come tumbling down is further proof.

What do you want to do when you fear someone?  Put them out of commission, one way or another.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Lance Armstrong’s Toughest Climb

Posted by M. C. on June 30, 2012

The USADA has formally charged Lance Armstrong with using blood boosters and steroids.

The question that the lamestream media ignores is why are sports issues any of the government’s business.
Fans either care about how their sports are run or not.  The judgement is passed at the ticket counter.  But that is fodder for a  future post.

The USADA win/loss record has been poor lately.

Barry Bonds convicted on a technicality and Roger Clemens found innocent on quite poor, shall I say, trumped-up evidence.   A needle in a beer can. Why hasn’t the USADA released their evidence against Armstrong?  Embarrassment?

Government agencies (I’m thinking FBI, ATF, DHS in particular) have these guiding principles.

1.  Do nothing  to tarnish the image.

2.  Do not violate rule 1.

3.  Get convictions any way possible for pay raises and promotions.

73. Don’t invade the wrong house and stomp the pets to death

103.  Make sure you have the guilty person.

273.  Serve and Protect.

Shocker – I question the USADA’s true motives.

The French and Cyclists Union International have been trying to get Lance for
years.  Indeed Lance constantly makes clear he is the most drug tested athlete in history.  The French
don’t like anyone let alone US citizens.  Particularly one that dominated their national sport for the better part
of a decade. If the French haven’t nailed him after 500 some drug tests then I think he must be fairly clean.  We
may know more when the USADA decides to make the evidence public.  Just remember cyclists tend to sweat a lot and
occasionally fall.  Some DNA on a cotton ball does not amount to much.

I’ll admit that I want to see Lance cleared of all charges.  But if he is really guilty, something completely
different from a quasi-government organization ruling, then he deserves what he gets.  But…it is not the government’s job to do the giving.

Be seeing you

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Congress Gives Us Another Reason to Impeach

Posted by M. C. on March 18, 2012

Judge Napolitano alerts us to another Congressional travesty here.

Another attack on our rapidly atrophying Constitution. Specifically the first amendment. The judge explains:

Last week, President Obama signed into law the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011. This law permits Secret Service agents to designate any place they wish as a place where free speech, association and petition of the government are prohibited. And it permits the Secret Service to make these determinations based on the content of speech. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Hydra That is Our Government is Growing More Heads

Posted by M. C. on February 4, 2012

Just in case you are not yet convinced we are living in a totalitarian environment, here are some things to consider.  It is hard to feel lonely anymore between Predators, Big Sis inspired spying by your neighbor and Fort Lauderdale’s “Peacemaker“.   So you are just driving down the road, minding your own business.  No worries, right?  Wrong.  Your car’s computer is ratting on you in real time 24/7   Introducing OnStar on steroids OBD III.

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Big Sis-She Has a Thing for YOU

Posted by M. C. on January 28, 2012

You may not care about her or her thing, but you had better.  Read about it here.

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