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Your Child is a Head Case

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 19, 2013

At least that is what the government wants you to think.

McClatchy Newspapers reports today that the CDC says one in 5 children experience a mental health disorder. According to Big Brother 20% of our children are head cases. Only 21% get treatment. A mind numbing 79% of these kids aren’t getting their share of mind numbing drugs.

“Mood disorders” are up 70% since 1997. I am getting a mood disorder just thinking about this.

The CDC is only one of many political tools designed to control the populace. Remember when it instructed doctors to ask all their patients if they were gun owners? Gun ownership is a disease in the eyes of the government. Then there was last years flu epidemic that wasn’t. But a lot of (50% ineffective) vaccines were sold. On a more positive note we are becoming more used to taking the drugs we are instructed to take.

One of the first things Obama did in the aftermath of Sandy Hook was to get psychos and counselors hands on the children. How many do you suppose are on some psychotropic drug that may well turn them into real head cases years from now?

How many Sandy Hook children now have a criminal (mental health) “record” that will impede gun ownership? But then that is the point.

The DSM Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders is the psychiatric biz’ mental disorder manual. DSM-5 (5th edition) is due out soon with a significant increase in it’s list of maladies. But don’t worry, for every disease there is a Big Pharma drug lurking in grandma’s clothes for each diseased child. Don’t think for a second that Big Pharma and their lackeys at the FDA don’t have their hand in the sudden increase in crazy kids.

Just like the tax code keeps tax lawyers and accountants in business, the DSM allows psychos and drug companies to write their own ticket.

Normal, full of energy kids who are more interested in baseball than math or who are bored to death with dumbed down government education camps now will be officially diagnosed with ADD put on the appropriate drug. Half wit parents will actually glad their kids are being “treated”. Less time will have to be devoted to actually thinking about how to parent.

There are no definitive tests for any mental health issue. Diagnosis rests solely upon the opinion of the psycho doctor. When in doubt, drug. Everybody wins, everyone except the patient.

The progressive agenda is all about control. It will be a lot easier when we are all dependent on our government prescribed drug.

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2 Responses to “Your Child is a Head Case”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    In the mid 1990s I, and the family, went camping with three other families. Sitting around the campfire with the other parents, after all the grade school aged kids went to bed, I learned something very interesting. It turns out a child in each of the four families was found by their local school district to be ADD. All were strongly encouraged to see a physician and acquire scripts for their medical condition.

    • Kids are ADD and adults are bi-polar. It seems as though before long “normal” will a be minority group. It already is in Washington. “Normals” will either qualify for special minority priviledges or end up in FEMA camps.

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