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Global Warmers Can’t Even Figure Out What is Happening Today

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 20, 2013

Here is yet another admission that the average global temperature has not risen since 1998 despite significant increases in CO2.  This from the BBC no less.  The UK government’s proxy global warming cheerleader.

Yet we are to swallow their line that oh yes…future long range predictions are still valid and be sure to keep those research grants coming.

This begs the question what if CO2 is not a major player?  If not how money have we wasted on CO2?  Are we even close to knowing what is really going on?  Like I have said before…Greenland was called Greenland for a reason.

I feel fairly safe in saying there has been climate going on for 12 billion or so years.

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One Response to “Global Warmers Can’t Even Figure Out What is Happening Today”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Scientists work directly or indirectly for the government. Without the proper conclusions funding disappears. Grant money, certifications, licenses, and PR forums are all dispensed or approved at the whim of big brother. Nothing should be regarded more with a juandiced eye than science. How many times have we believed only to find later that they had it all wrong after all?

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