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A Memorial Day Thought to Ponder: How Sykes-Picot Led to Americans Soldiers Dying For Israel

Posted by M. C. on May 28, 2013

Memorial day reminds me our brave soldiers are not meant to be dying for AIPAC controlled foreign policy and oil pipelines to the Caspian Sea.

I don’t know about you but I grew weary of Americans dying for Israel and Halliburton some time ago.  One of my favorite historians explains how it all started here.

Current troubles in the Middle East things began during and immediately after WWI.  Lies and secret treaties by the West and Russia caused people and countries to be thrown into unnatural marriages that could only be held together by harsh rule and cruel dictators. Our Arab allies were led down the garden path with promises of land for their help.  They got stiffed for their trouble.  Creating a home for the future state of Israel was a large part of the program.   The color revolutions are now returning the “natural borders” of Middle East peoples, cultures and religions.

Only change is constant … and lies.

Our president claims he is only considering sending arms to Syrian rebels.  Yet it is commonly accepted everywhere except in the mainstream media that we have been showering jihadist Syrian rebels with arms through Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Libyan diplomatic outposts.  There will be more boots on the ground in Syria if we never met a war we didn’t like John McCain and  Lindsay Graham have their way.  McCain says he does not support more boots in Syria but he is an accomplished liar.

American’s reward for a century of supporting government interference in other people’s business is the privilege of seeing their sons and daughters die doing Israel’s and oil baron’s dirty work.  More rewards may be on the way.

Be seeing you

2 Responses to “A Memorial Day Thought to Ponder: How Sykes-Picot Led to Americans Soldiers Dying For Israel”

  1. The rebels had previously taken the relatively small Hamdan airport in Albu Kamal on the border with Iraq in the east, and Marj al-Sultan military airport in Damascus province.

  2. Which of course underscores the problem with McCain’s visit. He was eager to endorse the rebels and rushed headlong into the country to give his imprimatur to the civil war, but he showed little interest in finding out who the rebels he was posing with were, or what they stood for. That they were on the side of a war that McCain is hoping to suck the US into was simply good enough for him.

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