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The NSA Spying Story-Be Safe With Presstitute Media and Use Protection

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 9, 2013

NSA/Government Spying on citizens.  The first thing I asked myself was why is this a surprise?

Answer:  The presstitute media.  If you are being used by it, it is time you started using protection.

Soon after 9/11 word was out in the internet media about echelon.  Echelon, a program developed by the US and some of our “friends” to spy on Russia in the 40s, started being used to spy on you and me probably in the 90s.  The ball really got rolling after 9/11.  You could have learned about echelon here but not from Bob Scheiffer.

How many of your smartphone using friends, particularly those on AT & T and Verizon, knew prior to this week that all their calls, texts and internet/keystroke activity get funnelled to the NSA & DHS?  Or that their smartphone is primarily a data banking tool and only secondarily a communication device?   Don’t forget your search engine and social media.  From G(ates) to Z(uckerburg) they are selling out you and their grandmother.  See here for a new phone conversation encryption app.

Sure we get a tidbit from WaPo, NYT and even the LA Times every once in a while.  Salon (or rather Glenn Greenwald) and Wired occasionally offer articles of note.  Lately the Daily Mail and The Guardian have had  interesting fodder.  But mostly the truth is found on independent internet news sites.  The latest scandals, IRS harassment,  filching reporters phone logs, FBI assassinating suspects, have been the result of documents leaked to the media or admissions by the culprits themselves, not due to any sort of “journalism”.

Revelations about the Utah fusion center shouldn’t be.  News of that has been available for years, just not from Brian Williams.  Besides, right now news anchors are too busy rubbing elbows at the Bilderburg meeting.  They don’t get those sort of invites by inhibiting their progressive, one world government buddies.

If you are concerned about our plight, your RF chipped children won’t be.  They already being groomed for the surveillance society.  Some school districts are putting tracking RF chips in student ID cards.  Parents are told it is for the children.  For the children and sustainability are phrases that should set off warning bells.  The current reason is verifying student attendance gets the district more federal handouts.  Who knows how hat info will be used in the future.  Scary.

When “news” shocks your neighbour, assuming they care enough to be shocked, tell them it is old news.  Tell them you learned about it 2 years ago from Wired, Antiwar, Lewrockwell, Alex Jones, Ron Unz (See his current editorial in The American Conservative regarding MSM suppression of John McCain and POWs knowingly left in SE Asia) or whatever your source of choice.  Make them want to look beyond the drivel and dumbed down tripe they are fed.

The bottom line is your presidents, your congressman, your senators and your mainsteam media have known about surreptitious surveillance for years.

Presidents love power and control.  Spying on US supplies both.  They will not give that up.

Congressman and senators are either to dumb or don’t want to rock the boat.  They love power and control.  They will not give that up.

The media don’t want to upset their sugar daddy sources otherwise they might actually have to do journalism.  They also love power and control.  They will not give that up.

Hopefully you will not give up.  I’m not.

Be seeing you


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