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Google Glass-Comic Book X- Ray Glasses That Really Work…Why You Should Feel Naked

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 17, 2013

The Erie Times-News recently had an article describing how three local people were chosen as beta testers for Google Glass.  As a comic book reader in my youth I recall the ads for x-ray glasses with the spiral shapes on the lenses.  That is what I think of when I hear of Google Glass.

The testers were given twenty minutes of training by Google.  No mention was made in the article about any data banking issues in Google training or by the testers themselves.  One problem is the data is probably being collected automatically with the user not being aware.  The guilt factor is lessened assuming there was some guilt there to begin with.  Here is my response-

Today’s front page describes how a local teacher, student and businessperson are beta testing Google Glass. When you meet Google Glass wearers on the street ask:

Am I being photographed, video or voice recorded?

Are my GPS location, time and date being data logged?

Are my facial scan, voice pattern and other biometrics being data banked?

Who else has access to this information?

Google is in the data mining business. They do it for themselves and their advertisers. This being a country where anything that breaths is considered a potential terrorist you can bet the government is in on the takings.

Google Glass is a critical issue. We all know, thanks to Manning, Snowden and Assange, we live in a surveillance dominated world. Silence on surveillance is certainly to Google’s benefit but why no mention in an Erie-Times front page story? It is not as though the issue is not news in other venues. It is hard to believe these thoughts did not occur to anyone involved with this story.

Maybe the silence is intentional. It is best get the young used to surveillance and manipulation early. What better way than to get teachers and students to kick start the process?

I have no idea what these particular testers personal philosophies amount to.  The typical college prof is progressive.  Constant government surveillance may make her feel safe(!).  The recent graduate has yet to grow out of his public education indoctrination (big government is good) and may not appreciate the hazards.  Who knows about the businessman.  He is enamored with the video possibilities but apparently hasn’t considered the guy across the street videoing him while he is videoing someone else  while….

I asked the writer a day or two ago whether the data collection issue was brought up.  I have yet to receive a response.

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  1. She plans to regularly blog about her experience using the new technology at . Corbin said she appears to be one of only a few people in higher education selected to try out Glass.

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