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Asset Forfeiture and RICO-A Refresher

Posted by M. C. on July 23, 2013

About fifteen years ago I first learned of asset forfeiture.  It never has been in the MSM news.  Big surprise.

One instance was I believe in Louisiana where an individual was stopped for driving while Hispanic.  The unfortunate soul had three or four hundred dollars in his wallet.  Obviously only a drug dealer would be carrying that kind of moola.  There was nothing the individual could be charged with but his money was taken as proceeds of a crime.  I recall a similar instance where money scanned with a black light or some such device that supposedly indicated the presence of cocaine.  By gosh there was a positive indication!  This person had drug money!  He who dared to carry cash asked the officer to scan his own money which he did.  The cop’s cash had the same indications!  No matter the poor soul was set free less his cash.  Again, it must be drug proceeds.  At the time it was said that much of the populace had drug contaminated cash in their wallets.

Free money for cops.  Legalized theft.

Probable Cause?-It is in the end of that gun barrel pointed at your head.

The fifth amendment?  It ground into the boot treads that are on your face.

The enabler for the this legalized theft is the RICO law.  A law not intended for gangsters, not the drug war.

This was in the 90’s long before 9/11.  Is it no wonder government and its militarized police enforcers have degenerated to where we are now?

For an update see here.

Police Brutality-It’s Not Just for Black People Anymore!

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One Response to “Asset Forfeiture and RICO-A Refresher”

  1. Get Smart said

    They’re also using seized drug money for officer training, the city’s police explorers program along with crime and drug prevention initiatives.

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