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Did a Hacker Hit Michael Hastings’ Exit Button? Update

Posted by M. C. on July 25, 2013

Some high-tech types with the help of the super secret government organization DARPA have shown us how cars taken be taken over by remote control.  See here.

This doesn’t confirm any suspicions but it does confirm the government knows how to control a steering wheel and accelerator.

These tests were with an escape and a prius.  Michael Hastings was driving a Mercedes.  It could be just as vulnerable and, now that I think about it, a lot less likely to spontaneously explode.

But to paraphrase a government spokesman.  We know what they told us they can do but we don’t know what they haven’t told us they know how to do.

Why do you suppose the government wants to remotely control cars?  It must be to “fight terrorism” or it is “for the Children”.  The main reasons they give for trashing rights.

That is our newly transparent current administration.  A lot of unknown unknowns.

Be seeing you

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