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I Am Innocent, I have Nothing To Fear

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 14, 2013

I am always amazed when someone says: “I haven’t done anything wrong. I have nothing to fear.” If you have nothing to fear from the government, why did the Founding Fathers put the protections in the Constitution that Bush and Obama have stripped out? Unlike the Founding Fathers who designed our government to protect the citizens, the American sheeple trust the government to their own demise.

In the famous play, “A Man For All Seasons,” Sir Thomas More, Chancellor of England, asks: So, you would have me to cut down the law in order to chase after devils? And what will we do, with the law cut down, when the devil turns on us?

From Paul Craig Roberts here.

I too wonder what people aren’t thinking when they say “it will never happen to me”.

The patriot act is used more for drug arrests than terrorism arrests.  Who knows what flimsy excuse is being made to invade our privacy to justify an arrest.  You have to remember all these spy agencies and as well as the DHS, FBI, DEA, ATF have to justify their existence.  That means arrests.  Pay raises and promotions depend on it.  Actual guilt is a secondary consideration.

You may have read of the recent incident where a husband was searching for backpacks on-line at work while his wife was searching for pressure cookers.  The man’s employer turned him into the heat and result was a visit by a swat team.  Fortunately the incident ended relatively peaceably.  But if the family dog growled and husband made a sudden move to restrain the dog there would have been a dead dog, the husband arrested for assault and resisting arrest and their property confiscated.

Formerly innocent acts are now acts of terrorism, support of terrorism or a mental health issue.   Who hasn’t looked up Bin Laden, Al Qaeda or some other hot button term?  It is just natural curiosity and (in a few cases) the desire to learn.

Between spying, lying, wars and general intrusion on the affairs of everyone and their countries, The US has become despised by everyone.

I believe our current system is beyond help.  Barring a completely new form of government we must throw the current bums out and get people in Washington with the courage to:

Cancel the Patriot Act and eliminate the DHS, DEA and ATF.

Make the CIA actually gather intelligence instead of promoting revolution and drug dealing to finance their efforts.

Eliminate the dozens of redundant, money squandering spy agencies currently in existence (see eliminating DHS).

Turn the War Department back into a Defense Department.  Stop our wars including the drug war.  Bring troops back from countries that have per capita economies as good as ours.  Stop our soldiers from dying for Israel and Halliburton.

Turn the FBI back into a domestic (real) crime fighting organization instead of a second tier CIA.  Better yet can the whole lot.  That would save the Whitey Bolgers of the world a lot of payola.

Dramatically reduce government size and its deep, corrupt pockets.  Size matters.

Get out of the UN, quit financing our enemies.

Eliminate foreign aid, quit financing our enemies.

Promoting peaceful relations and free trade without overthrowing governments and bombing countries back to the stoneage to change hearts and minds is not isolationism.

These efforts might save you a smashed in door and burying your dead dog if you had the temerity to buy a pressure cooker with cash.

Be seeing you


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