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Airplane Takeover Trial Runs – Where Were You Big Sis?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 12, 2013

This Tampa news station tells us there have been a number of airplane takeover dry runs lately.

Middle Eastern types running up and down isles, opening random overhead baggage compartments and other forms of intimidation.

James Woods reported an incident just before the 9/11 attacks.  He was ignored.

Why is this not national news?  Why no reports of detentions or arrests?

Something is obviously in the works.

We hear about half-assed sting operations where an alcoholic used car salesman singlehandedly runs international assassination plot or a Muslim wannabe hero is provided the wherewithal to do something he would otherwise be totally incapable of performing.  All to make the FBI look, as though they are actually accomplishing something.

But not these dry runs which seem real enough to 10 News and James Woods.

Big Sis does not want us to know how bad her system is.  This illustrates how incompetent and pathetic the DHS and TSA are.  Likewise the presstitute media that fears the government news spigot will get shut off if they spill the beans.

No doubt that flight’s TSA gropers did a proper job.  Confiscating their quota of forgotten pocket knives and oversize shampoo bottles, tearing colostomy bags and saving the better porno scans to their thumb drive.  Where was the all-seeing NSA?  Likely too busy covering their now well-known illegalities.

Obama should hire someone with proven skills, like James Woods.  Though I suspect he has too much personal integrity to pass government muster or to lower himself to the extent required to work in Washington.

Be seeing you.


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