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Obamacare On Steroids (Or Is It Acid?)

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 16, 2013

Perhaps you have wondered as I have how regulatory agencies can make regulations.  The Constitution says only Congress can make laws yet the BATF, FCC, IRS ad infinitum create regs.  The stock response I get is the Supreme Court said it was OK.  I can believe that considering the SCOTUS OK’d Obamacare.

Obamacare legislation is so complex one of its primary creators, Pelosi, can’t tell us what is in it.  We are only beginning finding out.

As bad as the original legislation is various “agencies” anonymous, unelected, accountable to no voter nor taxpayer have increased the regulation load by 30 times.  See here.

As the picture in the link shows the paper pile is high.  About as high as our personal paper stack will be once we sign up.

Our elected representatives have no control nor are they accountable for what these unfettered agencies demand.  Insurance companies probably have the most control over what makes up the regulatory burden (burden for us, dollars from heaven for them).

This certainly a Ron Paul moment.  Big government making it self bigger because it can.    To borrow from George Will:  Obamacare is breaking us to the saddle of government control.

Obamacare is already out of control and hardly anyone has signed up.


The drug war and how Mexico is one big killing field.

The war on poverty and how half the population is employed by and/or on some relief from the government.

How the Education department has only dumbed us down since it’s inception.

The empire building democracy spreading project, which is really the military contractor/crony capitalist stop communism/control Middle East oil project which has made enemies of most of the world.  For a definition of conflict of interest see here.

Anyone that thinks the government trying to run a national health system can be anything other than a total disaster is delusional.

Full faith and credit?  Anyone who thinks a war mongering country that borrows 40+% of their budget every year is a good credit risk is…well… delusional.

Pat Buchanan thinks the GOP should stand their ground and stop Obamacare no matter what.  Sooner is likely better than later.

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One Response to “Obamacare On Steroids (Or Is It Acid?)”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    The legislative branch, creates laws, or statutes. The judicial branch, of course, makes case law. The executive branch creates regulations and runs the agencies that enforce them.. Regulations are used to interpret and enforce the statutes and case law. Regulations get into the specifics of how a law will work. The more vague the statute, and in the absence of case law, the more wiggle room the executive branch has in creating and spinning regulations. Policy is just unwritten regulation.

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