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Kathleen Parker Tells Us How Moderate Americans Could Change Washington – A Failed Attempt

Posted by Martin C. Fox on November 6, 2013

We have been reading lately how moderates would have avoided the government shutdown. We would be so much better off if the tea party would disappear and sensible moderates were in control.

This is Kathleen Parker in the 18 October Erie Times-News. Lately I wonder what is going on in Parker’s head. She says:

Centrists are diverse…and disdain ideological purity.

Disdain ideological impurity? So they believe in nothing?

What do they base their voting on…keeping it the way it’s always been, trust that Washington has their best interests at heart, or what?

They tend to prefer a laissez-faire attitude.

More like lazy faire. They can’t be bothered to engage in independent thought or research. Do they fear rejection like the weird kid in school? The moderates are quite willing to give up a little freedom for security. They rationalize that the government has their best interests at heart. That is just what the war party and progressives want. That we give up. Little by little. Slowly but surely.

(They feel) People who want smoke pot in their own homes do not belong in jail.

When is the last time you heard a moderate or any other voice in Washington advocate for marijuana reform? Some may think it but they won’t take the risk. After all they are moderate and moderates don’t rock the boat. Staying in office ranks above meaningful reform that might lose votes. But then that describes most politicians.

To the harder-core constituents…such people have no conviction.

Kathleen got that one right.

It might also mean you no longer believe you can have a positive effect…

In other words, moderates give up easily. They roll over and find a progressive laying on their arm because progressives have the easy answers. Sell your soul to the government. Don’t worry, be happy. We are the government and we are here to help.

Moderates are sleep walking progressives.

Per an Esquire/NBC poll:

Centrists would rather not discuss guns or God.

Gun and gun talk requires conviction. God and gun talk might end up requiring intelligent discourse or offending someone in your social order or voters in the case of a politician.

A majority…think background checks are fine.

The moderate says “government will protect me and all my personal information will be safe”. The moderate says “I am honest and have done nothing wrong, I fear not”. Blacks, Jews, native Americans, European immigrants, war protesters, civil rights activists have done nothing wrong and all been in a governments sights. It won’t be long before something we innocently said or did twenty years ago will turn up in an email proving we are by today’s definition a radical, terrorist, racist or the bad guy de jours.

Like Kafka’s “K” we will end up in jail, on psychotropic drugs, wondering how the hell that happened.

Only 29% say that religion and prayer are important

So Godlessness is a moderate virtue. If moderates are the majority then no wonder we are in the shape we are in.

Forty four percent strongly support increasing the minimum wage.

That just confirms moderates, like most of us, are ignorant of economics 101. Walter Williams, among others, has demonstrated the minimum wage keeps poor and uneducated minorities jobless. We have discussed previously that the minimum wage was one of the first tools of the progressive/eugenicist in purging society of foreign/racial contamination that would take jobs from WASPS.

The federal government should go light on regulation and spending

Where did that come from? No one but the Ron Paulites and a few tea partiers show any conviction in this regard. Moderates don’t rock the boat. Name the moderates that want to audit or end the Fed or kill parasitic government programs.

…more Americans identify as Independent than Democrats or Republican.

Really? They certainly do not vote their convictions. The only “Independent” in the Senate of late was Joe Lieberman and that was desperation move to stay in office. The House has two. When your party deserts you, “Independent” is where you end up.

The moderates latest accomplishment is lifting the debt limit cap altogether until Feb 2014. It is a spending free for all until then.

The majority moderates have left us with a regulation strangling, empire building, money printing, Drug-poverty-Islamist-oil war mongering, Constitution and privacy destroying, Fed powered big government, world-class mess.

I am quite happy to be a low regulation, small government, mind my own business, strong DEFENSE, market based, golden rule and Constitution loving, panarchical, Libertarian radical.

Be seeing you


One Response to “Kathleen Parker Tells Us How Moderate Americans Could Change Washington – A Failed Attempt”

  1. Independent moderates have a better understanding of issues and positions because they study and don’t automatically side with a partisan party.

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