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Angela Merkel Puts On A Good Act – She Doesn’t Want You To Know That She Knows

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 30, 2013

It is all a big show for the benefit of the peasants courtesy of Anthony Snowden.

Angela may not have had direct knowledge that her phone was tapped but she shouldn’t have been surprised.  The EU countries graciously gave the NSA phone and internet data on their subjects.

What has got Angela and the other club members upset is now the peons know they were sold out.

The US bankrolls NATO and the Fed bankrolls, via their printing press, European banks.  London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid et al roll over anytime there is a chance that the spigot may be shut off.

Europe’s economic mess is worse than ours, at least for the moment.  When Washington says “grab your ankles” they can’t afford to retain what residue is left of their virtue.

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