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Judge Obama The Liar Sentenced Us to The Graveyard of Empires

Posted by M. C. on November 22, 2013

How many times have we heard Obama say we are leaving Afghanistan?

As many times as we were promised Guantanamo would close?

Obama is a perpetual motion lying machine.  A perpetual spending button has been added to his control panel.

The still in process US-Afghan Security Agreement commits fifteen thousand US troops and billions of dollars to support US and the Afghans.  There is no limit specified for the dollar part.  We will be OBLIGATED to provide perpetual financial support.

Presumably we will be there until terrorism is squelched and Afghanistan is brought under control.  Many have tried to conquer Afghanistan in the last thousand years and no one has succeeded.

But…Do I really have to explain that this all a façade?

The intent is of course to stay in Afghanistan.  One cannot build empires, control oilfields and pipeline routes without perpetual occupation.

Occupation is a win-win for Washington.  The more we interfere, the more they hate us, the more we need to send troops.  Like In Viet Nam, we win their hearts and minds by droning their villages.

Look at the latest and greatest, the UK.   How is that empire thing going for you?.

They have gone from “The Sun Never Sets” to a well-worn US sock puppet.  Their economy sank after WWI and has remained submerged.  Northern Ireland and Scottish “subjects” are chomping at the succession bit with renewed vigor.  The sock’s seams are unraveling.

Several US states have secessionist movements.  It is not a good sign when you are in the empire building biz and falling apart internally.

Thanks to the sheeple majority and the government main stream media, coming out of this mess in one piece is not likely.

Thanks to the internet some of us realize the truth.  We better make some noise now because it will be hard to hear us from inside a FEMA camp cell or through six feet of dirt.

Be seeing you

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