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Obama Bombed 5 Out Of 7 Countries Trump “Banned” — Media Didn’t Care | The Unveiled Feminist

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 2, 2017

US foreign policy and liberal European stupidity are the causes of the immigration crisis. 


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One Final Expansion of the Surveillance State as Obama Heads for the Door – Hit & Run :

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 17, 2017

 changes that will increase the ability of the National Security Agency (NSA) to share some raw intercepted data with other agencies before the process of filtering out private information from people unconnected to actual targets. The snooping itself is not changing, but more people will have access earlier in the process.

Specifically this is surveillance authorized by Executive Order 12333, the provisions that outline the conduct of intelligence agencies. These are rules separate from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), the PATRIOT Act, and the new USA Freedom Act. The 12333 rules are specifically intended to oversee surveillance of foreign targets and foreign countries. It has very little oversight outside of the executive branch.

How he loves us, let us count the ways.

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Obama’s Legacy: War Without End | The American Conservative

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 17, 2017

Gene Healy comments on the dreary foreign policy legacy Obama leaves behind:

In a speech to US troops last month, he denounced the “false promise” that “we can eliminate terrorism by dropping more bombs,” and piously proclaimed that “democracies should not operate in a state of permanently authorized war.”

An audacious statement—given that it is Obama himself who’s made perpetual warfare the new normal, and the president the ultimate “decider” in matters of war and peace. Where George W. Bush secured congressional authorization for the two major wars he fought, Obama has launched two undeclared wars (in Libya and against ISIS), ordered 10 times as many drone strikes as his predecessor, and this summer bombed six different countries just over Labor Day weekend. And it is Obama who is largely responsible for warping the 2001 Authorization for the Use of Military Force—passed three days after 9/11 to target Al Qaeda and the Taliban—into an enabling act for endless war, anywhere in the world.

This is the Nobel Peace Prize guy, right?

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MIA: Hillary Clinton. MIA on January 21: Barack Obama.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 16, 2017

The State of the liberal and MSM nation. 

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Obama on Russia’s Alleged Hacks: Lame Duck Sings Swan Song

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 6, 2017

Obama is a lying (Russian email hacking) lunatic (putting US troops on the Russian border. I hope the US makes it to Jan 20 in one piece.

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Is Trump About to Debunk the Media’s ‘Putin-gate’ Conspiracy Theory? by —

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 2, 2017

And just to add a little extra frisson to the mix, as the clock ticked toward 2017 the Washington Post ran a story alleging that those omnipotent Russkies had hacked into Vermont’s electricity grid – and were about to turn out the lights! Except they didn’t, they weren’t, and it was all a bit of that “fake news” WaPo has been warning us about. The “Russian malware” was found on a laptop that wasn’t even connected to the internet. And it wasn’t Russian malware, it was Ukrainian.”

Be seeing you

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“Big Brother” Watches Everyone in America: Obama Signs “Ministry of Truth” into Law | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 30, 2016

In early December, Congress overwhelmingly passed the Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act as part of the annual National Defense Authorization Act – an unconstitutional measure against First Amendment freedoms.

On December 23, ahead of the Christmas holiday weekend, Obama signed it into law practically unnoticed. Along with approving bloated military spending, it establishes a Center for Information Analysis and Response – a de facto Ministry of Truth.

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Washington Warmongers Make 11th Hour Attempt at War With Russia

Posted by Martin C. Fox on December 30, 2016

I voted for Trump expressly to prevent WW III. Looks like Barry is intent on starting it before he leaves the White House (has anyone complained about it being the “white” house?). Between that and his ministry of truth Obama is destroying what he has until now left standing. Obama the human drone. 

At least what it takes to be a progressive hasn’t changed.

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We Are Back In Libya, Raising the Bar For Incompetance

Posted by Martin C. Fox on August 5, 2016

Apparently we haven’t done enough to this poor country.  After Hillary Clinton turned Libya from a relatively stable though corrupt country to  the world headquarters for ISIS, pentagon marionette Obama is going to make it better.  I am sure Libya’s bad luck will hold.

See here to see why.

Here is a funny/sad tidbit from the article describing some of what Hillary has wrought.

Take a look at what we’re getting ourselves into: with no less than three governments, lawless Libya is a perfect example of Ronald Reagan’s famous dictum that “government is the problem, not the solution.” Yes, that’s right, the former domain of Ghaddafi has three rival “governments.” Go ahead and count ‘em:

  1. The General National Congress (GNC), headquartered in Tripoli, is controlled by Islamist militias and backed by Turkey, Qatar, and Sudan.
  2. The Council of Deputies, located in Tobruk, is basically the instrument of Gen. Khalifa Hiftar, a known CIA asset who used to live a few miles from the Agency’s headquarters.
  3. The UN-appointed “government of national unity,” which was never elected by anyone and had to be shipped into the country by boat because the Tripoli authorities wouldn’t let their plane land.

Be seeing you


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Obama-Clinton Gun Control Hypocrisy

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 18, 2016

Don’t you find it interesting that the CEO of the largest arms dealer in the world wants to disarm his citizenry?

The same CIA/neocon sock puppet Obama that knowing sends arms to non-existent ‘moderate’ rebels.

Not surprisingly, the bulk of those weapons have ended up in the hands of Islamist militiamen. The number of additional casualties in the war due to such arms transfers is likely hard to quantify, but with civilian massacres perpetrated by US-backed terror groups such as Ahrar al Sham, it’s not a stretch to suggest they’ve directly contributed to the bloodshed. Read the rest of this entry »

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