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Desperate Deception-Lying Government and its Media Puppets, the Prequel

Posted by Martin C. Fox on January 11, 2014

Desperate Deception by Thomas Mahl

Churchill, fearing Britain was on the losing end of the WW II stick, knew they would be  home free with the US in the war.  I am not entirely sure what FDR’s motives were but concern for Britain and later “Papa Joe” (FDR’s pet name) Stalin were high on his list.

There is a quote from C. Wright Mills’ “The Power Elite”

The United States…was controlled not by the mass of its citizens as described by democratic theory, but by a wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant elite from Ivy League schools…

Many of that elite Wright speaks of belonged to Skull and Bones.  Many of the sir names will sound familiar even to todays low information voter.

British secret service ran a propaganda machine out of Rockefeller Center, rent free courtesy of Nelson Rockefeller, with the full knowledge and encouragement of FDR.  Just a few of the willing accomplices were Drew Pearson, Walter Lippmann, Walter Winchell and the New York Herald Tribune.

Media shills for a government sponsored war machine.  Hudathunkit?  Lippmann understood what he was doing.  The clowns we have today are merely lazy mouthpieces.  I think they know what they spout is lies but don’t really understand anything that is not progressive.

But then being told what to say makes it all easier.  No guilt feelings.

A fellow named Ernest Cuneo figures prominently and was an attorney who worked with columnists and British intelligence.  He wrote to British agent and author H. Montgomery Hyde

…as far as the British tricking the US into war, FDR was at war with Hitler long before Chamberlain was forced to declare it. I was eye-witness and indeed wrote Winchell’s stuff on it…

Hyde wrote “The Quiet Canadian” about Sir William Stephenson director of British intelligence in the western hemisphere, otherwise known as “Intrepid”.

FDR with the help of British Intelligence got Wendell Willkie nominated as the Republican presidential candidate in 1940.  The other candidates were non-interventionists while Willkie was  a loser but pro war and willingly sacrificed himself for FDR while promoting the interventionist cause.  Willkie came out of no where and would have made a horrible president. Something Willkie, FDR and most everyone else with a clue knew at the time.

British Intelligence front groups and FDR also helped to defeat Congressman Hamilton Fish, an influential anti-communists and so-called isolationist.

This only a sample of the stories in this most interesting book.  You will find names like Rockefeller, Vandenberg, Dulles and “Cynthia” the adventurous American seductress who was a British Spy.  Her story is told in “Cast No Shadow”.  Hollywood was gung-ho for war.  All the moguls, Mayer, Warner and directors like Alexander Korda happily joined in.  Many of these Lalaland types were Jewish and/or from Eastern Europe.  They had their own agenda.

The US and British governments each ran their own propaganda campaigns in the US to influence public opinion.  They cared not about the truth nor who they ruined.

Then, like today, you cannot believe anything you read and only half of what you see.  The government lies, the media happily repeats the lies because they lost their moral compass long ago.

The interventionist Zbigniew Brzezinski was recently on CSPAN II and said the media are worthless with BBC and Aljazeera being the best of the lot in his opinion!  You may not like Zbig but he is at least cognizant.

The scary thing is the people who rely on the government and mainstream media for news and some of them actually vote!

Desperate Deception is a worthwhile read, especially for WW II/intelligence buffs, even if you are not political.

Be seeing you


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