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What Do Jonathan Pollard, PA Senators Casey and Toomey Have in Common? Traitors

Posted by M. C. on January 18, 2014

The cancerous lump that is Congress gave away its power to declare war 60 years ago. It was given to President Truman. Now they are taking that the power away from the President and handing it to another country.

S 1881 The “Iran Nuclear Weapon Free Act of 2013” says in part:

If Israel is “compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” the United States “should stand with Israel and provide … diplomatic, military and economic support to the Government of Israel in the defense of its territory, people and existence.”

Israel and (Saudi Arabia) would like nothing more than for the US to go to war for them in Iran. This law will make it happen. Benjamin Netanyahu can start a war with Iran and the US will be legally bound finish it.

Let us not forget our own national intelligence estimates (NIE) have stated Iran stopped weapons development 2003. Iran has agreed to dilute its 20% enriched stockpile (dental x-ray grade, nukes need 80-90%) and stick to power plant grade 3% enrichment. If Iran nuked anyone they know Israel has the power to vaporize them.

Why don’t we talk about Israel’s nukes and chemical weapons?

I am more worried about the increasing friction between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. They both have brought nuclear weapons onto the battlefield in the past.

Senators Casey and Toomey and 56 other Senators have co-sponsored S 1881 which hands over the decision of whether the US goes to war to Israel.  This is so bad even Obama says he will not sign it.

Casey, Toomey and 56 others are AIPAC bought and paid for traitors.

Think about this for a minute – 58 Senators have agreed to this treason act.  

When Netanyahu told West Bank settlers he had the US in his back pocket he it was no exaggeration.

Be seeing you

One Response to “What Do Jonathan Pollard, PA Senators Casey and Toomey Have in Common? Traitors”

  1. Hans said

    Good comments! I consider many of these political whores in Washington to be agents of a foreign power. When I voted for my state’s representatives I expected them to represent the people of New Hampshire, not a foreign power. I am 64 and have never loathed these scumbags as much as I do now. Additionally, if the US applied the Nuremberg Trial standards to itself, there would be several dozen gallows erected somewhere near Washington D.C. to see justice done!

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