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I Am From the Government and Here to Help

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 9, 2014

I was listening to a government worker bee on NPR tell us how medical costs are behind our federal debt. I can think of several other good candidates.

Empire building

Perpetual war

War on drugs

War on poverty

Department of education

Bridges to nowhere

My take is government is the reason government pays so much for health care.

Pick some industries that are not heavily regulated, if you can.

Televisions, telephones and computers come to mind. Aside from implanting spy ware in software, confiscating and selling electromagnetic spectra I don’t think government interferes with these industries, relatively. The end result of this non-interference is increasing quality and features and decreasing prices.

Indeed this is how the free market is supposed to act. Competition brings out the best, efficiency goes up, prices go down, everyone wins.

Now think of some highly regulated industries. Now that is easier. Automotive, insurance, pharmaceuticals, health care, food.

Prices for all these are through the roof.

The government takes over General Motors, says they won’t micromanage and then proceeds to micromanage. GM (more accurately the taxpayer) poured money into the Volt. It has had to shut its assembly down at least twice. The Volt’s battery supplier that received taxpayer $millions went bankrupt because there were so few Volts sold it was cheaper for GM to buy the few batteries it needed from Korea.

Government subsidizes each volt to the tune of a quarter million.  See here.

Battery replacement is between $3,000 and 30,000.

GM has since sold it GM stock at a loss.

Your typical $15,000 green, 45 mpg  economy car is safe only because there are 8 or 10 airbags. One moderate crash and all the airbags are required to keep anyone inside the tin can from being crushed. It now costs more than the car is worth just to replace the airbags let alone make the vehicle drivable. This is how Washington keeps us safe while saving the environment and our money.

Before the progressive era there were loads of doctors and medical schools. People could more or less just pay for services like we pay for a car tune up.  Have you ever asked yourself why we need to resort to a burdensome insurance system to pay for a simple checkup? There are college classes just for medical billing.

Progressive, crony capitalist government is the reason.

Back in 1910 the government and AMA decided they needed more control over the who got what. There were too many black and female doctors, black medical schools, schools that were offered alternative curricula (homeopathy) and schools in general that were making money that was not going in the right pockets. The Carnegie Foundation was tasked to fix these problems. They hired Abraham Flexnor, an ex prep school owner with no medical experience to come up with an excuse for the government to jump in. The Flexnor report advocated putting every medical school and hospital under the control of the state AMA board. The above mentioned groups were now out of the equation. Many schools were forced out of existence. Only approved curricula was taught.

Medicine and medical training went from free market to crony capitalist with the right people in control and making the money. All on our backs.

Just image the “help” the government gives big pharma, big agriculture, big insurance and big oil. That is all on our backs too.

Is one of the side effects of that expensive FDA approved, insurance paid drug you are taking the very condition you are trying to cure?

How about that produce some farmer was paid by you and me not to grow to keep the price up? That same produce poor people need taxpayer-funded food stamps to afford.

I hope that affordable insurance policy you are happy with hasn’t been cancelled.

Obamacare, that big money saver created by and for insurance companies.

Don’t worry about running out of oil or that Halliburton and Lockheed Martin might go out of business. That is why we wage $trillion wars that turn regions of the world into miserable hellholes and our youth into amputees.

War (synonym for government)– expensive but its for our own good.  John McCain told me so.

Be seeing you


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