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You Are in a Prison Society- George Carlin Can Save You

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 16, 2014

I just read an interesting comparison of prison life and life “outside” in the US. There is not much difference anymore.  See here.

Cameras – tracking you in real-time, all the time, everywhere.                                                    Get used to it because that is the point.

Drug testing – your company may require drug testing to get that big government contract. The pressure on to implement drug testing everywhere.                                            Get used to it because that is the point.

Metal detectors – Air travel, schools, sporting events are now places where your formerly private parts get the once over.                                                                                              Get used to it because that is the point.

Crowd control – you see heavily armed troops on the news that look like they came from the Death Star surrounding demonstrators. You wonder what third world country this and you find out it is just another peaceful demonstration in Washington. Soon if you are caught talking to 2 or more people you may get company too. Get used to it. Next time you are at a big sporting event and the DHS agent wearing the NFL or MLB official’s badge separates your family into different lines and you all get searched, x-rayed, facial scanned… Just get used to it because that is the point.

NFL – the devil’s willing servant.

Checkpoints/random searches – DUI warrantless checkpoints, warrantless roadside DNA gathering, stopped and searched for driving while black, getting threatened for asking about probable cause.                                                                                                                          Get used to it because that is the point.

Reading mail – Mail Isolation and Tracking Control Program – If you can’t remember if you sent that thank you note, just ask the post office. They track it all.                                Now that we all know just get used to it because that is the point.

Listening to phone calls – Next time you visit the phone store ask them who gets your texts first, the intended recipient or James Clapper. When you are on the phone and hear the click get used to it because that is the point.

Lockdowns – Remember Boston? While the military police were practicing their lock down tactics and doing warrant-less searches an old guy violated orders, went outside and the found the unarmed suspect in his boat. The military police came and bravely shot him to pieces.

Rhambo with a badge beats down your and kill your pets for no reason. They got the wrong house? They didn’t even close what was left of the door?                                                   Get used to it because that is the point.

Snitching – See something/Say something.  Your country needs more cheese-eaters. Good practice for when you want a better FEMA camp cell. By that time it doesn’t matter whether you are used to it or not.

What to do?  What to do?

Wake up and Get Going!

Vote everyone out of Congress. Stand a stand. Write newspapers. Be courageous. Don’t consent to that unwarranted car or home search. Get informed and inform others.

We were watching George Carlin youtube videos last night. He was the prototypical anti-war liberal that has since gone extinct. In one show George was on a rant that could have been applied to what is happening to us today. Two of his points were:

He does not believe anything the government says.

Term limits won’t mean a thing because the people are so dumb they will just vote in more of the same.

He is right both times. Most people, including voters, are too dumb about issues, too lazy to find out or just want to keep the free stuff and the laws protecting their particular piece of turf.  Ignorance and greed are tough to fight but we must try.

If you want to break out of prison you better get busy.

Don’t be dumb.

Be seeing you


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