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Ukraine-We Are Going to Save The Country, God Help Them

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 23, 2014

Like a lot of other places, the current Ukraine population evolved from the influx of various peoples. Most are of Slavic heritage. In the 30s and 40s the Russians added some of Poland and Romania to the mix. Not surprisingly they can have their differences. The Western half of the country leans towards the EU and the Eastern half looks to Russia. Ukraine is complex.

Ukraine needs help. The EU offered few hundred million dollars worth of loans and reform demands while Russia offered 15 billion dollars worth loans and discounted oil and gas.

Chaos has since ensued, with our helping hand. Our point person for government overthrow is Victoria Neuland, the FU lady.

President Viktor Yanukovych is friendly to Russia and was democratically elected. Of course the US wants to overthrow this democratically elected government.

The National Endowment for Democracy and similar Washington sponsored groups operate throughout the former USSR. Their job is to spread pro-west propaganda.

Can you image the reaction here if Russia had troops of propagandists and Russian officials running around Mexico or Canada promoting coups?

Yanukovych has suffered weeks of protests in the capital, offered to negotiate, offered amnesty to protesters and was willing to employ other concessions as part of an EU deal. He is no angel yet has been relatively civil.

Yanukovych has been characterised as brutal and one to be taken down. Egypt and Saudi Arabia are at least as bad toward protesters, if not worse. But then they are our SOBs. We bankroll Saudi Arabia and they use the money for brutal suppression. Didn’t SA fund the 9/11 guys? With US taxpayer money?

Hypocrisy and lies are Washington’s forte.

Our “good intentions” have resulted in religious and civil war in Serbia, Iraq, Egypt and Syria and that is just what we have accomplished lately. Here we are again meddling in others’ business.

Mexico is at war with itself, does Putin stockpile troops in Cuba or Venezuela?  Does he directly promote Mexican revolution?

The cold war was never over. We have been stoking the fire ever since the fall of the USSR. Promises, like not expanding NATO eastward, fall like autumn leaves. Bush II thought the public, if not Russia, actually believed missiles in Poland were to protect Europe against terrorist missile attack. How does what Bush did differ from planting Russian missiles in Cuba?  We almost went to war a few years ago over Georgia/Ossetian. We increase troop presence in the South Pacific as a not so subtle threat to China. Biden and Clinton threaten “consequences” if the number 2 and 3 superpowers don’t toe the line.  Then Putin offers a way out of the corner Obama painted us into in Syria.  Who is the one who really knows what he is doing?

We are attempting a power play against China and Russia while sinking in Afghan quicksand.

Is Ukraine worth war with Russia and China? What is in it for US?

Be seeing you


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