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Ruth Marcus, Another Link in Netanyahu’s Chain of Fools

Posted by M. C. on April 7, 2014

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post suggests we should release Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy.

See here.

Her arguments leave something to be desired.

Marcus says we release/trade spies all the time.  She says Pollard is due for parole review in 2015 and if justice has been served then he should be released, all extraneous issues aside.   Maybe so, I will leave that to the conscience of government lawyers.

Marcus’ arguments go downhill from there.

He spied for an ally, not an enemy. 
With allies like that…  Israel is no friend of ours.  The US is nothing to Israel but a source of cheap military aid and expendable bodies.  I recall the ship Liberty, stealing nuclear materials from the US for their still undeclared nuclear program, The “Art Student” spies and that Israel may have known full well about 9/11 on 9/10, APIPAC which owns 99% of Congress and so on.  We have discussed this issue previously.

If gaining Pollard’s freedom gives Netanyahu more bargaining space with his hardliners, why not seize the opportunity.

Wow!  Either Marcus lives in a dream world or she is yet another US media Israeli mouthpiece.  The issue is recognizing a separate Palestinian state.  Netanyahu has no intention of doing that.  The hardliners will not give in on West Bank settlements.  The settlers are more hardcore than Netanyahu on settlements, as one might expect. They don’t want to be left dangling in Palestinian territory.  Any closed settlements will undoubtedly show up in some other controversial location.

The so-called Pollard bargaining chip simply a handy excuse to get Pollard back to Israel.  Netanyahu will do whatever he can get away with regard to Palestine, Pollard or no Pollard.

I have asked my Senators Casey and Toomey as well as representative Kelly numerous times “what, exactly, has Israel ever done for us?”  I am still waiting for answer.

Expect no favours from Israel.

Be seeing you

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