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There May Have Been No Iron Curtain if FDR Hadn’t Provoked Japan into War

Posted by M. C. on April 13, 2014

Chronicles magazine recently had a piece by Taki on the hubbub over the Japanese prime minister visiting their WW II memorial. Taki’s point was mostly what SOBs FDR and Truman were. Firebombing women and children and dropping the bomb. We were as bad as anyone else.

It was cause to recall the book I recently finished – “Back door to War” by Charles Tansill. This deals with the shenanigans that passed for diplomacy leading up to FDR’s intentional US entry in WW II.

The best 2500 Nook sized pages of history I never learned in government school.

What left the greatest impression was the fear Japan had regarding communist expansion in China. Japan understood the danger. Japan pleaded for assistance in stemming the Russian fed red Chinese tide that was approaching. FDR, Jealous/fearful of Japan’s economic revival would have none of it. We mustn’t upset “Papa Joe” either.

It is not like no one knew what living under Stalin was like. I have read more than once where some tilted towards Nazism because as bad as it was, the Russians were worse.

FDR was a Stalin wannabe. Not so much a “useful idiot”, FDR was not dumb, as Lenin might have called him but more the useful dupe.

When Chiang Kai Shek wasn’t dealing with warlords he was trying to rid China of the commies too. It may have been in Barbara Tuchman’s book on Stilwell where it was said Chiang was portrayed by our government newsreels not in perpetual retreat but in strategic withdrawal to tie up the Japanese. The reality, to Stilwell’s chagrin, was that Chiang was devoting his assets to fighting Mao’s communists instead of the Japanese. Chiang knew where his priorities lay.

But Japan was FDR’s ticket into WW II.

Image how the world would be if Japan stopped Mao in China and the US didn’t give away “lend” lease to Papa Joe, letting Germany and Russia alone to beat themselves to a pulp.

No bomb, no Normandy, no bulge, no massive sacrifice for worthless Pacific islands, no Eastern block misery, no Russian post war rape of China. No US war department bigger than most countries entire budgets.

A glance at today’s news indicates our government has not lost its touch.

Be seeing you

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