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CHP Goon Beats Mentally Challenged Women To A Pulp

Posted by Martin C. Fox on July 9, 2014

See here.

The only thing surprising about this story was that it was on lamestream media.  Police vulgarities are an old story.  To serve and protect is ancient history.  Now it is Enforce and Arrest.

Internet sites such as:
Pro Libertate
Police State USA
Police Crimes

are loaded with police brutality horror stories.

Militarized police departments feel a need to use all the deadly goodies the government gives them.  They practice on the easy targets that aren’t likely to fight back.  The confused, ill street person and two-bit drug dealers.

A current example is the SWAT team that was serving a no knock warrant, didn’t notice the toys in the yard and threw a stun grenade into a babies crib severely burning the child who is now in a medically induced coma.  The child may well be severely disabled for life.  The baby’s wounds are too horrible to print.

I quite often read where the family pets are killed.  It is all about power and what better way to intimidate than to kill the dog and cat in front of the kids.

I have asked cops to actually do their jobs on several occasions was told to cease and desist before getting a harassment charge.  My advice is:

Never call the cops unless there is absolutely no other choice.

Next time your local military police show off their newly acquired automatic weapon equipped mine resistant humvee, think about hooking up with a good lawyer.  The next wrong address that gets it’s front door torn off and pets killed could be yours.

Be seeing you


2 Responses to “CHP Goon Beats Mentally Challenged Women To A Pulp”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    People don’t know what door they are opening when they involve law enforcement.

  2. Mike Rowley said

    The police have evolved into hired thugs for political thugs. It’s a no win situation for the public. The police need to be on heavy duty crazy meds. But if they take the crazy meds……………Now we’re really in trouble.

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