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The Similarites To The Soviet Union Should Be Obvious. The Enemy Is US

Posted by M. C. on July 6, 2014

Do you, like I, wonder why with all this DHS/CIA/NSA spying does ISIS pop up from nowhere?  These efforts don’t seem to be diminishing the terror threat.

How much of this spying is meant to curb international terrorism and how much is actually directed inward?

FEMA camps, militarized police, ammunition stockpiling by everyone from the post office on up, surveillance/facial scan/license plate cameras appearing everywhere, vague announcements of terror threats to keep us in fear and to justify spying on every our every form of communication are happening for a reason.

The government sees trouble ahead on the domestic front. Maybe as soon as the next financial bubble burst when interest rates start rising.  If you voted for a third-party, criticize the government or pay with cash you are a “radical” that bears watching.

The enemy is the one that thinks for himself. What can’t be controlled must be feared.

The government has seen the enemy and it is us.

Do you, like I, see the similarities to a recent socialist experiment?

Be seeing you

One Response to “The Similarites To The Soviet Union Should Be Obvious. The Enemy Is US”

  1. Mike Rowley said

    ISIS is a creation of the Intel. community just as Osama bin Laden was. According to the controlled press about 10 days ago, ISIS insurgents picked up $425 million from a bank in Mosul in American currency. Why would a bank in a jerk-water backwater like Mosul have cash like that on hand? Sounds like to me that U.S. Intel. was acting as paymaster for their ISIS mercenaries.

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