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Forget About ISIS And Bail Out

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 16, 2014

The PTA could likely take over Iraq. That ISIS has made inroads there should not be a shock. ISIS is made up mostly of feckless Iraqis we “trained” and equipped. There is little to fear from them.

We have no friends in the ME.

Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have been taking us for a mug. Turkey, our NATO partner, is doing nothing to stop ISIS. Indeed Sunni Erdogan wants ISIS to defeat alawite Syria and the Kurds. Turkey’s border is porous to ISIS wannabes.

Saudi Arabia (be-headings there are up this year) and Israel take our money and have state of the art US military equipment purchased at bargain prices. They spend their time sitting on the sidelines watching US do their dirty work. Let me know when you see an SA sheik doing a belly crawl under barbed wire.

Still not convinced? See here and here.

ISIS is just part of a thousand year intra-slam squabble. It will probably another thousand years before the Middle East settles down. Anything we do in the ME just makes any given situation worse and makes the indigenous population hate US more.

It is time to cut our losses, declare victory and get out.

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