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Why Are We Sending Ebola Patients To The US?

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 13, 2014

We are sending up to 4000 US troops to Africa to build treatment centers primarily for health care workers. When the inevitable Ebola cases start showing up among the troops will they be sent home for treatment? How many non-symptomatic carriers will be sent home only to spread the disease in the US?

We have had an infectious disease research center in Sierra Leone since at least 2006. Why are we so in the dark?

The conflicting stories on how ebola is spread tells me we don’t know all the transmission vectors. It is obvious we are scrambling, know little about what we are dealing with and are shooting from the hip.

Yet we have a “research center” in Africa. I think we are researching something besides a cure. This could well be another Plum Island/Lyme disease style fiasco.

The CDC’s Frieden says banning flights to the US from central Africa would hurt our efforts at containment. Typically, he does not bother to mention why. On the local level containment is considered critical. Why not nationally? Ron Paul writes about the 80, 000 strong Firestone Plant company town in Liberia where an Ebola case was found in March. Firestone has its own treatment center and quarantine plan. A total of only 3 cases are reported there.

We spend hundreds of billions on a TSA that can’t tell a weapon of mass destruction from a colostomy bag. Yet we expect airport workers to screen microscopic virus carrying victims who may have no symptoms.

Treat victims in place. Keep travellers from affected countries out of the US until this is under control. The CDC can call Firestone with any questions.

At this writing a nurse in Texas has been infected by an imported patient. The CDC’s Frieden has placed the blame on protocol violation. In other words blame the nurse, not the government’s process.

The collateral damage has already begun.

Here are some tips on keeping your immune system sharp.

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3 Responses to “Why Are We Sending Ebola Patients To The US?”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    The way Ebola is spread sounds exactly like how AIDS is spread. But with AIDS you don’t need a head to toe suit on just to be in the same room. Curious. Don’t worry though. They have a handle on it.

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