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Shock Headline! Man Charged With Breaking Trooper’s Fist…With His Face!

Posted by Martin C. Fox on October 27, 2014

(Here I am fantasizing as Matt Drudge’s headline writer)

A story of “Pennsylvania’s Finest” courtesy of Police State USA.

Pennsylvania. Home of the nation’s first Capital. The City of Brotherly Love.

Never forget:

The policeman is your friend. You deserve what you are getting.

Be seeing you…once the swelling goes down


One Response to “Shock Headline! Man Charged With Breaking Trooper’s Fist…With His Face!”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    In Pennsylvania, a defendant, whose trial ends with a hung jury can be tried again. But, in the second trial, there is no jury! This happened to my nephew about a year ago. He was pulled over outside Pittsburgh for “swerving.” He submitted to a breath test but when asked for blood, he thought he could decline. The officer did not advise him of the consequences. Anyway he went to trial and eleven of the twelve members of the jury voted to acquit. He was told that the state would retry him. What’s to worry? The state had such a weak case that eleven of twelve voted to acquit. He did not have a jury at his second trial. He had the same judge as in the first trial and guess what? He was found guilty. His breath test was even below .008. The “law” was changed between his first trial and his second trial. The Constitution means nothing.

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