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One Good Thing About Ebola-It Exposed The DHS

Posted by M. C. on October 21, 2014

The Department of Homeland Security was created in 2003 by former PA governor “two-face” Tom Ridge.

Cost as of 2011 runs to $645B.

Presumably that includes cost overruns.

This DHS is supposed to protect us against attack in all its forms including biological. Instead Washington has concentrated its efforts on preventing exposure of failure to you and me.

Big brother can find a telephone call we made five years ago or reserve us a FEMA camp cell but can’t deal with one victim of a communicable disease.

It surprisingly un-surprising that Washington brought Ebola into the secure homeland .

The current ebola virus is a new strain.

Probably born and bred in our Sierra Leone infectious disease research center.

Possibly a militarized variety. Yet we seem to know little about how to deal with it. This has all the characteristics of a government program.

The DHS has been and will be a total failure in a real attack. It is a waste of gigantic proportion.

None the less, be assured that in the event of a monumental disaster the only thing s left will be both varieties of cockroach, insect and DHS.

The only “cure” you and I can count on from Washington will be administered in a FEMA re-education camp.

The only cure for big government and its failed programs is to dump the whole mess in a biohazard bag and launch it into outer space. Just hope there is no galactic EPA.

This will make more sense in the light of the above.

Be seeing you

One Response to “One Good Thing About Ebola-It Exposed The DHS”

  1. Doug Rowley said

    Plum Island Animal Disease Center in Long Island Sound is a wonderful government run disaster waiting to happen. Some of the worst diseases ever known are nurtured there.
    It is very close to Lyme Connecticut, the unofficial birth place of Lyme Disease. I see no connection. The government should find a ” research” home for Ebola on isolated Plum Island. Or maybe it was born there. No worries though. Plum Island is so far from New York City that you would need a motor on your boat to get there.

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