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Russia and A US Foreign Policy Reality Check-Reagan is Spinning

Posted by M. C. on November 9, 2014

When the USSR collapsed the East and West were in a quandary on what to do about the eastern block countries. Read about it here.

Gorbachev could have used his forces to head west and take over. But he didn’t want to, packed up and headed home . This decision was made in part due to an agreement with Reagan and Bush I.

Russia would exit eastern Europe and the Baltic countries if NATO (i.e. the US) agreed not to expand NATO closer to Russia.

This was a big gamble for Gorbachev and his foreign minister Shevardnadze.

Succeeding American administrations have decimated that agreement. The neocon plan to NATOize Russia’s eastern border is nearly complete.

We would not want Cuba or Florida to be Russian puppet states. Russia did not want their long time ethnic partner Ukraine to be overthrown by the US and placed under the control of neo-nazis.

Are Russia’s actions more extreme than say bombing innocent civilians in half a dozen Middle Eastern countries with which we aren’t (officially) at war?

Control of a world-wide empire is Washington’s plan. Keeping upstarts like ISIS, Putin and China under control is crucial to the program.

Reagan didn’t want to win the cold war. He wanted to end it and he did.  Too bad it didn’t happen eight years earlier.

The stake in the heart of the cold war never broke the skin.

Think about that the next time a Washington warpartier claims to be the reincarnation of The Gipper.

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