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This Election is Bad News, Once McCain is in Charge Deadlock Will Look Good

Posted by M. C. on November 12, 2014

Drone attacks and interfering in ever more numerous Middle East countries has caused terrorist ranks to sky-rocket. A Russian vassal state’s government is overthrown by the US and replaced by Nazi’s. Now Russia is said to be planning air patrols of the Caribbean.

China is antagonized by increased US troop presence in Australia, now it has stepped up aircraft carrier building, is developing their own stealth aircraft and is hacking away at our cyber security.

All this under a Nobel peace prize-winning president’s guiding hand.

The election will make all this much worse.

Once McCain is in charge of the senate armed services committee he will raise the war machine to level 10. Syrian rebels/jihadists our friends/enemies will get a ton more weaponry on top of what they picked up from defecting/deserting US trained Iraqi “soldiers”.

Israel firsters will have a field day. But then they always do. Congress, Israeli occupied territory according to Pat Buchanan, will bend over even farther to make up for Obama’s tepid enthusiasm for Netayahu.

The Ukrainian Nazi government will have guns coming out their ears.

Boots on the ground in Iran.

Russia and China are feeling their oats and will not be intimidated by the McCain/Graham/Lieberman axis of evil.

We may actually end up with a war to end all wars.

Our duly elected representatives are uniformly worthless. Washington can’t be fixed.

It is time they and the system were replaced.

The solution won’t be found with a republicrat.

Be seeing you

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