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Hyper-Power Maybe, Hyper Successful-Definitely Not

Posted by Martin C. Fox on February 22, 2015

Eighty years ago there were all sorts of “powers”. None really super-powers but they had a bigger stick. Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan and the US. Post WW II there was just the US and Russia. Now it’s just the US.

But you wouldn’t know it from the record. We haven’t been on the winning team since since the sign off in Tokyo Bay. There was Iraq but they basically gave up.

We spend more on defense annually than the next ten or so countries combined.

The F35 Joint Strike Force Fighter project alone cost $400B and counting and is a massive boondoggle to boot.

That is more than several countries defense budgets combined.

We have eleven carrier groups. Most countries have one or none.

We collect email, web surfing data and financial transactions from terrorists and innocent civilians world-wide.

We kidnap and torture terrorists and innocent civilians world-wide.

We can launch a hellfire drone anywhere in the Middle East. Killing terrorists and innocent civilians region wide.

Saddam Hussein had an army willing to attack a country several times its size and population. The US trained Iraqis rarely showed up except to collect their US taxpayer paid for paycheck. When it was Go Time they went..away.

We have attempted to democratize (i.e. kick out the current uncooperative regime) Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq and are hard at work in Ukraine and other places. These Frankencountries were cobbled together after the Great War. Tribes that have been at each others throats for hundreds or thousands of years were forced to live cheek by jowl. When the hard-line governments that held these groups in check suddenly disappeared and hell broke loose. The entire Middle East is now tearing each others throats out and it is getting worse every day. You can thank neocon/pentagon/bankster driven foreign policy.

The US pride and joy is its fleet of drones. Obama can come out of the Tuesday kill list update meeting and remote control kill anyone, anywhere. There is no complaint from congress nor the victim countries. The consensus is the drone program is a failure, killing far too many innocents. Anyone acting suspicious (and often times not) is a valid target. You don’t want to be in a group or holding shovels or brooms when the drone flies by. The people live in constant fear of drones. Every terrorist or innocent drone death results in many more signing up to fight us.

The hyper-power US with military bases in hundreds of countries, technically advanced beyond imagination, still can’t turn around countries that are barely out of the stone age. ISIS is merely the latest reincarnation of Bin Laden’s Mujahideen that we helped get started.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen – This consistent failure is quite amazing but no more so than the refusal to recognize it nor the lemming like willingness for congress and military to keeping repeating the same old thing.

Like our continual failure in the drug war, this suggests maybe we are on the wrong track. Despite warparty and ISIS PR I do not believe ISIS nor Iran is much of a threat to the US. They would be even less than that if we weren’t over there democratizing with drones and missiles.

The Middle East countries, particularly our friend head chopping, woman stoning Saudi friends, have much more at stake than we do. Let them do their own dirty work. South Korea is a big boy now too, it’s way past time to leave there also. Let’s quit being Israel’s stooge while we are at it. The warparty’s industrial branch won’t like it but tough. There are more constructive things they could be doing.

Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey have more than enough manpower to squash ISIS in a New York minute. They will have to get their hands dirty once they see the back of us.

Close overseas bases, quit paying NATO’s tab and bring our soldiers home. Maintain a strong defense that will put the fear in those that are getting too big for their britches.

Be seeing you


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