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The US-Still Finding Ways to Arm ISIS

Posted by Martin C. Fox on March 7, 2015

Once upon a time Muslims in Afghanistan were fighting Russians. So we sent them arms. One of their leaders was Osama Bin Laden. The group was the Mujahedeen.

We spend fourteen years building armies in Iraq and Afghanistan only to have them bail out and become Al Qaeda jihadists. They took their US supplied arms and training with them. Al Qaeda used to be called Mujahedeen.

The state department and CIA overthrows one of only two stabilizing entities in the Middle East, Libya. The same state department funnels left over Libyan arms to “allies” in Africa and all of a sudden an unknown regional band of misfits, the now well-armed Boko Haram, leaps onto the world stage.

We arm “moderate” jihadists to fight the only stabilizing force left in the Middle East, Syria. We find there are no “moderates”. These moderates are now on the ISIS (hard core Al Qaeda) payroll.

The latest state department /CIA brainstorm was to overthrow the elected Ukrainian government. They install a neo-fascist government. Now the US wants to arm the Ukrainian army against Russia. Chechens, Afghans and other ISIS friendly Islamists who don’t like Russia are joining the fight. Yet again we will be arming our enemies.

jihadists are attracted to Ukraine is because it’s US installed government has left the gate open to Europe. New identities and passports are easily had as is access to Poland.

It is a very complicated scenario, full of twists and turns. But The Intercept has, as usual, shed a light where the US government and it’s presstitute media offer only darkness. See here and here.

I doubt this mayhem would be happening in a Russian controlled Ukraine. The US government has proven yet again that it is its own and Europe’s worst enemy.

But what the heck, Morton Thiokol and Lockheed-Martin are making money. War is good for the economy. The empire is growing. War distracts us from the unsolved problems at home. Another warparty/ISIS PR ploy will keep the unwashed, uninformed masses at home in fear.

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