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Another Perspective On Bad Boy Iran

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 12, 2015

Whom has Iran Attacked? No one.

Whom has attacked Iran? US backed Iraq using US and UK supplied chemical weapons.

Is Iran developing nuclear weapons? Not according to the Mossad and our own National Intelligence Estimates.

From Eric Margolis

In fact, the real issue was not nuclear weapons, which Iran does not now possess, but Iran’s potential geopolitical power.

What Israel really feared was not Iran’s non-existent nuclear threat  but rather its ongoing support for the beleaguered Palestinians.

But for the United States, the geostrategic calculus is somewhat different. The Iranian revolution of 1979 profoundly challenged America’s Mideast imperium – what I call the American Raj after the manner in which the British Empire ruled India.

Supposedly Iran would attack Israel if it had a nuke. Israel has 80 to 200 nukes depending on whom you read. Between Israel and it’s US lapdog Iran would be turned into a sheet of glass in a nuclear conflict. The Iranians are not stupid.

Unlike the US, Iran has attacked no one and not because it can’t. It is many times more powerful than Iraq and Afghanistan combined. Based on recent history the US wouldn’t have a chance fighting over there.

For the US the issue is not nuclear but biological, oil. Big Surprise. Iran won’t do as it is told which makes it a prime target for regime change. Just like in 1953.

Iran supports Palestinians. Israel doesn’t.

Iran becoming a cultural power threatens the Saudi rulers Borgia-like, oh so un-Islamic lifestyle. Iran is the wrong kind of Muslim.

When a pack of liars like our congress and the lame stream media tell you one thing about anything let alone Iran, you can bet the real reason is something else. Something they feel you are better off not knowing.

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