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Netanyahu and His Nuclear False Flag

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 14, 2015

According to Haaretz Netanyahu’s greatest fear about Iran is that they will comply with all the nuclear development requirements agreed upon at Lusanne.  See here.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a recent meeting of the security cabinet that if a comprehensive nuclear agreement between Iran and the six world powers is indeed signed by the June 30 deadline, the greatest concern is that Tehran will fully implement it without violations, two senior Israeli officials said.

One official said: “Netanyahu said at the meeting that it would be impossible to catch the Iranians cheating simply because they will not break the agreement.”

Netanyahu and Israel’s ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, want to see changes inserted in the bill that will make it more binding, and even turn it into one that prevents an agreement with Tehran rather than delaying it.

At home Bibi’s story is exactly opposite of what he and his puppets in Washington tell us. The mossad and US national intelligence estimates agree that Iran gave up on nuclear weaponry a decade or more ago. See here.

The Iranians aren’t stupid. They know what the consequences of nuclear war will be. Just yesterday on NPR Ted Cruz compared Iran and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

Cruz is a dangerous idiot. That should guarantee him McCain’s and Graham’s support.

Congress’ home district is Israel. They are undermining the only thing resembling peaceful foreign policy I have seen in my lifetime. John Boehner’s and Mitch McConnell’s arms and legs twitch anytime Bibi pulls on their strings.

We may well wage a guaranteed loser of a war with an Iran because our elected officials in Washington show more allegiance to Israel than to you or me.

Like Pat Buchanan says-Congress is Israeli occupied territory.

Israel and the US have been providing support to Saudi Arabia and Al Qaeda/ISIS because Syria is Shia and Iran is Shia and supports a free Palestinian state.

Nukes are a false flag.

Be seeing you


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