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Freddie Gray and His Van Ride-The Beat(ing) Goes On In Copland

Posted by Martin C. Fox on April 30, 2015

When I heard Freddie Gray took a van ride to the cop shop I had a pretty good idea how he got his severed spine.  In certain large metropolitan precincts it is not unusual to be shackled, thrown into the back of a van and be taken  on a thrill ride.  Fast starts, hard braking and cornering are meant to soften the victim up before arriving for their beating questioning.

According to this Gray was shackled and not belted.  The other prisoner heard Gray “throwing” himself.  This other prisoner likely wants to avoid a similar fate.  The only thing missing from this other prisoner’s statement is Gray’s “confession”.

It is no wonder the Baltimore cops are delaying release of their report.  It will take someone slicker than Tom Sawyer to whitewash this one.

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