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Terrorists In Garland TX-Who’d A Thunk It? Maybe We Did.

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 10, 2015

How did two radicals the government had been watching for years attack a Muhammad cartoon contest?

Pam Geller had to know her little party would attract undo attention and maybe that was the intent. The attackers may have been her useful idiots.

So how did it happen? Complete and utter failure of the FBI, DHS and NSA? Quite possible. Perhaps they have been too occupied with sting operations on dimwitted Bin Laden wannabes.

It could have been a sting gone bad.

Maybe the powers had wind of the operation and let it happen to keep us mundanes in fear and guarantee budget increases. It was a small potatoes, relatively safe (for the government) op.

Actually Garland police did have wind of the operation as Anonymous, who has a group that monitors for terrorist tweets, warned the Garland cops.  Was Anonymous ignored by design?

A Muhammad cartoon contest was bound to get attention. Geller had to know that. Is she a front for the neocon/warparty? Geller is always over the top regarding Islam.

My money is on the warparty start to finish.

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