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Seymour Hersch Math: Osama + Obama = Lies

Posted by Martin C. Fox on May 16, 2015

Here is another bombshell from Seymour Hersch.

Remember the pictures of Obama and crew gazing up at a live feed of the Bin Laden murder mission. The story started to fall apart when the 30 some minute live video of the OBL assassination really was only a few minutes. Or maybe none.  This was so no one could be put on the hot seat when the questions stated coming.

According to Hersch’s research everything we were told about the mission is a lie.

OBL’s location was given to us by a squealer looking for the reward money. There never was any two-year drone surveillance of couriers.

The story of the vaccine program as a cover to get OBL DNA was a cover for the squealer.  This resulted in the vaccine program director going to jail for supposedly helping the US and a halt to vaccination programs.  The squealer’s and Pakistani official’s involvement had to be kept quiet.

Pakistani intelligence was in on the program from the beginning. They cleared the way for SEAL helicopters to enter and leave Pakistan airspace.

There never was a firefight, there was no resistance by OBL or anyone else. This was a straight up assassination.

OBL was shot up so badly independent identification would have been chancy at best. We do not know for who or what was buried at sea. The ship’s crew were not allowed to view the burial and are ordered maintain silence. Some SEALS have stated that pieces of OBL were jettisoned over the mountains on the way back to base.

The government lied. What a shocker.

This story is getting more reaction that Hersch’s previous revelations of Turkey supplying gas to Syrian rebels in order to blame the Shia Syrian government.

Lets hope it makes the 6:30 news shows so that the sheeple might get a clue.

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