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NSA and Patriot Act-New Mirrors, Different Color Smoke

Posted by Martin C. Fox on June 3, 2015

Does anyone seriously think the delayed renewal of the Patriot Act caused the NSA to break stride in vacuuming our personal communications? The Patriot Act is a feel good PR stunt to legitimize blatant illegal activity. Likewise the rubber stamp, secret FISA court. The consensus is the fine print in the Freedom Act make it worse than what it is replacing.

Spying on citizens isn’t new. Omnivore, carnivore, echelon and prism are a just few secret programs dating back to at least the ‘60s. Recent revelations tell us tricky Dick’s DEA does the same things with less restriction by design. This week we learn the FBI flies over our cities shopvac’ing with stingray cell tower impersonators.

New rules won’t matter. No one follows rules to begin with. The NSA will just conjure new ways to stay under the radar. The only fix is to recreate from the ground up. Wikipedia says there are 17 separate government intel organizations. We can do without the NSA, DEA and DHS for starters. Rand Paul thinks we can do just fine with conventional surveillance laws.

Thank the internet revolution and Rand Paul. We would be more in the dark than we are now without them.


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