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Turkey Finally Goes To War In 20 words Or Less-Is The Media Really This Shallow?

Posted by M. C. on July 27, 2015

A few days ago I heard the following paraphrased soundbite on NPR.

Turkey has launched attacks in Syria against ISIS and Kurdish rebels.

Is that it? Such an important development in a complex context and all we get is a dozen or so words.

Turkey has been covertly aiding ISIS and Al Qaida because they are doing the ‘regime change’ heavy lifting in Shiite Syria. Al Qaida has been allowed to freely cross the Turkish border into Syria. Thanks to Seymour Hersch we know Turkey supplied ‘moderate’ Al Qaida with the chemical weapons used in the attacks blamed on Assad. ISIS bad, Al Qaida not so much.

Maybe all is not as presented to us. The key is in the attacks on the Kurds. This may be where most of the Turkish effort is going.

Turkey doesn’t want ISIS disrupting home life and neither do the Kurds. Ironically Kurdish forces have been annoyingly successful against ISIS.

ISIS has recently trespassed into Turkey. Turkey has been begging for a NATO (i.e. US paid for) buffer zone. This would keep out both the Kurds and ISIS.

So why does Turkey suddenly want to get its hands dirty?

The Kurds want to create a homeland from parts of Iraq and Turkey. Turkey and Iraq have not been agreeable. One of the uses of terrorism is to create chaos and confusion allowing enterprising parties to grab a little something for themselves. Maybe the Kurds, like a famous Chicago mayor, don’t want to miss the opportunity presented by a good crisis. The strength shown by Kurdish forces may be too unsettling.

Wikipedia says Kurds are mainly Sunni although they are culturally similar to Iranians. Racial profiling? Whatever their heritage, no one cares much for the Kurd’s. It seems to me they just want their 40 acres and a mule and to be left alone.

I doubt Turkey will put much of a dent in Al Qaida/ISIS. The kurds, however, will take it on the chin and we will lose an ally.

‘News’ is whatever the government directs the submissive presstitutes to tell us.

Be seeing you

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