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Culture Wars – Paris Attacks, NPR and Bush The Simple

Posted by M. C. on November 22, 2015

This week I heard NPR’s ATC correspondent in Paris tells us that the Paris attacks were against French freedom and culture. Today on the NPR’s 360 whatsis show there was the same from the correspondent and local interviewees. “We don’t need your prayers, we are French and we have love and our culture to see us through”. Well, good luck with that.

Oh and why did the terrorists chose a stadium, concert hall and bistros to wreak their havoc? It is because they represent western culture! Maybe those places were chosen for the same reason Clyde Barrow chose to rob banks. That is where the money (people) is. Your typical effective terrorist does not blow up empty buildings.

Just as Bin Laden said we went over there because you came over here, one of the night club terrorists reportedly said the same. France is relatively close to the Middle East. France has a history of colonialism in Africa particularly Algeria and Morocco. France has become more active in fighting terrorists and in trying to reinvigorate their colonial muscle. France too knows about oil and pipelines.

The we are here/you are there concept has been out there. It should be no secret to NPR. The fact that NPR et al keep pushing the culture angle belies their subservience to their empire building masters. They never tire of spewing the spoon fed government tripe, inspired by George The Simple in this case.

NPR and the rest of the media alphabet soup lie to your face.

Be seeing you

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